Fantastic increase in HIV/AIDS cases in Batam, dominated by same-sex couples, Batam – Municipal Health Office Batam recorded an increase in the number of cases HIV/AIDS in Batam City reaching 446 people in 2022. The amazing thing, from the findings of the Healthcare Company, it is stated that the increase in cases is dominated by the deviations in the behavior of homosexual couples. Batam City […]

Free New York Area Resources – NBC New York (47)

What to know The New York City Department of Health said 1,594 people were newly diagnosed with HIV in the Big Apple in 2021, up 14% from 2020 but down 23% from 2017 and down 73% from 2020. to 2001. While these data demonstrate major progress in ending the epidemic, inequalities persist in many communities. […]

Commemorate World AIDS Day, recognize the causes and symptoms

Jakarta, Insertlive – World AIDS Day is celebrated every 1 December. WHO issued this warning to raise worldwide public awareness of AIDS (Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). Quoting the Health Service website, AIDS has a definition of a set of infectious symptoms and syndromes that arise due to damage to the human immune system by the HIV […]

12,000 HIV cases in Indonesia affect children aged 12 and younger

Jakarta – Coinciding with World AIDS Day on December 1, the Indonesian Ministry of Health highlighted HIV cases, which are starting to be dominated by young people. Recent data show that approximately 51% of newly detected HIV cases are in adolescents. “So in the past young people had a tendency, needles, but now it’s about […]

African women are at risk of HIV due to poverty

Private photo ANNOUNCEMENTS•today, 06:41 Elena van Gelder correspondent Africa Saskia Houttuin correspondent Africa Elena van Gelder correspondent Africa Saskia Houttuin correspondent Africa How do you ensure that fewer young women are infected with the HIV virus? In Africa, where the number of infections is still rising in some countries, women are trying to reverse the […]

Management of HIV/AIDS in RI, not all patients have access to medications

Jakarta, CNNI Indonesia — Celebration World AIDS day this year remember that manipulation HIV/AIDS in Indonesia it is still not optimal. A number of tasks still need to be completed. Furthermore, of the many PLHIVs (people with HIV/AIDS), only a handful are being treated. Director of Infectious Disease Prevention and Control (P2PM) of the Ministry […]

65 World AIDS Day 2022 Twibbon Links Theme and Background

Macassar – Twibbon World AIDS day can be uploaded to social media as a way to encourage people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA). World AIDS Day is an impetus to support those who are battling this deadly virus. World AIDS Day is celebrated on 1 December each year. World AIDS Day is an impetus to unite […]

History of World AIDS Day Commemoration of December 1st and its Twibbon…

KOMPAS. com – World AIDS day or World AIDS day commemorated every 1 December. This year’s commemoration of World AIDS Day falls on Thursday (1/12/2022). The commemoration of World AIDS Day 2022 takes the theme “Equalize”. WHO calls on world leaders and citizens to recognize and boldly address the inequalities that hinder progress in ending […]

December 1st is World AIDS Day, this is Islam’s attitude towards PLHIV

Quoting the UN page, Basically, people with HIV/AIDS are sick people as usual. This means that he still receives humane treatment, such as receiving adequate medical services and support from people close to him so that he remains steadfast during the exam. In a qudsi hadith, the Prophet SAW once said, “Verily Allah swt will […]