The drought situation in the Yangtze River Basin continues to combat drought and the water supply is generally controllable – an exclusive interview with the head of the Department for Disaster Prevention from Flood and Drought of the Ministry of Water Resources_Irrigation_Scheduling_Yao Wen

Original title: Continued drought in the Yangtze River Basin and water supply is generally controllable: An exclusive interview with the head of the Department for Disaster Prevention from Flood and Drought, Ministry of Water Resources Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, September 24. Topic: The drought situation in the Yangtze River Basin continues to fight drought and […]

In the “DNR” declared an emergency due to lack of water supply

Photo: KP Voda Donbass Residents of the Donetsk region on both sides of the front were left without water due to damage to the water conduit – – More than 21,000 people were left without water in the uncontrolled territory of the Donetsk region. In the self-proclaimed “DPR” on Monday, February 21, they declared a […]

48 settlements of Donbass left without water

Photo: Thousands of residents of Donbass were left without water – – Water supply was stopped due to damage to two transformers of the South Donbass water pipeline as a result of shelling. As a result of the shelling on Saturday, February 19, two transformers at the station of the first rise of the […]

Munich: So far, only a few Omikron cases have been detected – Munich

Dirt and pollutants can be found in Munich’s wastewater – and also germs through human excretions. Fortunately, one might say. Because even the viral load can be measured this way. Thanks to the wastewater monitoring, statements about the incidence in the city were possible much earlier, faster than the reporting figures of the authorities could […]

“We want to make sure that there is not even a chance.” Vereshchuk announced the impossibility of supplying water to the occupied Crimea

“No [намерений пустить воду в Крым]… This is prohibited by law and all possible regulations. It’s impossible, “she said, answering journalists’ questions. According to Vereshchuk, Ukraine will commission the dam on 107th kilometer North Crimean Canal. “90% [дамбы] now completed. There are still certain works that are not basic. The main work is done. We […]

ITC, journey to the digitization of precision fertilization

ITC Dosing Pumps has had an important activity in iAgua in recent months, because its dosing systems help different activities related to the water sector: Drinking water treatment. Sewage treatment. Cooling towers. Fertigation in agriculture. Landscaping and gardening. Industrial processes (food and beverage industry, paper industry and mining) Given the importance of fertigation today in […]

Schneider Electric named Microsoft’s 2021 Sustainability Partner of the Year

Schneider Electric, leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, has announced that it has been recognized by Microsoft as a winner of the award ‘2021 Sustainability Changemaker Partner of the Year‘ of the company. The award recognizes the impact that Schneider Electric has had in helping its customers set and achieve decarbonization […]