Štefan Margita: Floor with Hana Zagorová’s luxury apartment

Now he sings for his life and will deal with private matters later. Štefan Margita (66) revealed to Bleska that after the January tour and concert at the O2 arena, he intends to place the urn with the remains of Hanka Zagorová († 75) in the grave in Vyšehrad. The opera singer has several Christmas […]

Star of Vyšehrad Štáfek: He has money, he’s just a little demented

It can be seen that Jakub is in his element! Lavi’s role suits him, even though he is completely different from him. “I enjoy Lavi and at the same time I get angry at something that generally bothers me about someone or something. Lavi is a combination of several things that I can’t carry through […]

“I’m sorry they have to support the horror of Letna”

On April 14, the controversial football player Julius Lavi Lavický, entered by Jakub Štáfek in a new film, will break into cinemas Vyšehrad: Fylm. His agent will be played by Jakub Prachař, what did he reveal not only about the shooting? What was your return to Vyšehrad like for you? It was as if I […]

Photos after a secret meeting broke Prymul’s neck. Who else was on it?

After the photos of the daily Blesk, in which Roman Prymula violates government measures, circumnavigated the Czech Republic and the world, he had to leave the chair of the Minister of Health to Jan Blatný (for YES). “I don’t think I did that much, I was invited to an official meeting,” Prymula tried to defend. […]