Volkswagen may start depreciating manual shifting as early as 2023

By simplifying the offer in favor of DSG, the carmaker should save on the arrival of electrical time, in which the gear levers will be just as unnecessary. Manual transmissions have not been easy lately. Vending machines are faster, often more economical, and customers choose them more and more often. It is no wonder, then, […]

The modernized VW Tiguan Allspace is here. He misses one news against his siblings

As part of last year’s modernization, the Volkswagen Tiguan received a new plug-in hybrid version or sports model. For the bigger brother of Tiguan, Allspace does not count on these derivatives. Volkswagen is gradually innovating its Tiguan model line. Last year, the initial Tiguan was modernizedwhich on the Chinese market was newly added SUV-coupe Tiguan […]

The updated Tiguan got a pre-heater – Autoreview

Photo: Volkswagen Volkswagen in Russia opened accepting orders for updated Tiguanas only at the beginning of December, but since then I have twice made adjustments to the price list. Fortunately, we are not talking about price increases – they are still the same. But in mid-December, the range was replenished with complete sets Respect Plus […]

only gasoline engines – Autoreview

Introduced in the summer restyled Tiguan prepares to enter the Russian market. Recall that the crossover was changed in appearance, equipped with new LED optics, and a new media system and a climate control sensor control unit were installed in the cabin. The Kaluga Tiguan will inherit all these modifications from its German counterpart. The […]

The Volkswagen Tiguan X arrives officially as a stylish SUV

After a series of spy photos, we have officially received the Volkswagen Tiguan X as an affordable SUV-coupe designed exclusively for China. We could already in the summer Tiguan X can be seen in the patent images of the Chinese Ministry of Industry, in addition, several spy photographs also appeared on the networks. Until now, […]