Including weight loss .. 5 amazing effects of eating a banana every day

8:00 PM Friday, December 18, 2020 I wrote – Shaima Morsi Bananas are one of the fruits that many people prefer to eat, because of their wonderful and delicious taste, but what happens to your body when you eat a banana every day? This is what we show you, as reported by “Eatthis”. 1- Supporting […]

A link has been found between vitamin D levels and the gut

Today, 10:25 | author: Irina Mikhalkova | Photo Scientists from the University of California, San Diego have found that the intestines play a crucial role in the activation of vitamin D in the body. Stool samples from 567 elderly men were analyzed, as well as vitamin D levels and forms. The bottom line is […]

The popular “yummy” became the source of vitamin D

USA, 30 Nov 2020. /LIVE24/. In winter, the deficiency of vitamin D is doubly noticeable, which means that it is necessary to fight such an increased deficit in enhanced ways. It is this vitamin that helps to strengthen the immune system and acts as a mandatory preventive tool at all times. Research by an international […]

The most “ugly” symptom of vitamin D deficiency named

Moscow, 29 Nov 2020. /LIVE24/. Vitamin D deficiency during the winter season can be a serious problem for most of those who permanently reside in the northern hemisphere. A whole range of unusual consequences can result from this deficiency. Vitamin D is one of the most important components that play a key role in most […]

Myasnikov lists foods that reduce the risk of cancer

Today, 12:40 | author: Daria Kuznetsova | Photo Vitamin D helps not only cope with coronavirus, but also to exclude the development of many oncological diseases. Doctor Alexander Myasnikov advised to look for it in ordinary products. This vitamin plays a vital role. With its deficiency, bones, intestines and other organs suffer. For the […]

doctors explained which vitamin D is better to take

Great Britain, 26 Nov 2020. /LIVE24/. Many scientists have recently been claiming that vitamin D is critical to protecting the body from coronavirus and developing severe forms associated with death. It was reported that approximately 80% of patients diagnosed with “COVID-19” admitted to hospitals were deficient in this vitamin. Today, medical recommendations for treating coronavirus […]

The most dangerous symptom of vitamin D deficiency identified

USA, 25 Nov 2020. /LIVE24/. Vitamin D is produced in the body through the action of sunlight. However, it is possible to get it from food. According to Express, people living in the northernmost regions of the planet may develop osteomalacia due to a lack of vitamin D. This condition is characterized by a rather […]

Doctor warned against risks of uncontrolled intake of vitamin D

Moscow, 17 Nov 2020. /LIVE24/. Honored Doctor of Russia, leading scientific editor of the service Mikhail Kagan, in an interview with Rossiyskaya Gazeta, spoke about the negative consequences of the uncontrolled use of vitamin D, which many Russians paid attention to during the coronavirus pandemic. Kagan confirmed that Russia is located in a zone […]

Get to Know the Best Vitamins for Shiny Skin

loading… JAKARTA – If vitamin are micronutrients that the body needs to function, so it makes sense that using the best vitamins for the skin could have a huge benefit on appearance. Vitamin-enriched skin care products protect against free radical damage, treat fine lines and wrinkles, and reduce hyperpigmentation. Basically, there are vitamins out there […]

Scientists assess the impact of vitamin D deficiency on the course of coronavirus

British scientists have found that a deficiency of vitamin D in the human body can lead to a severe course of the coronavirus. reported Express. The study looked at the daily reports of coronavirus recoveries and deaths and saw that the death rate is higher in the Northern Hemisphere, where seasonal vitamin D deficiency is […]