Night Kamikaze Drone Attack Hits Cherkasy Region and Uman’s Industrial Infrastructure

Night Kamikaze Drone Attack Hits Cherkasy Region and Uman’s Industrial Infrastructure

The occupiers attacked the Cherkasy region with kamikaze drones. In Uman, industrial infrastructure was hit. As a result of the attack, warehouses, in particular where grain was stored, caught fire. According to preliminary information, one person was injured. He was hospitalized. At the scene of the incident, the consequences of enemy shelling are being eliminated. […]

Slowest train in Ukraine canceled

Photo: UZ The train is under repair – – The reason for the cancellation was a breakdown of the train, so as soon as the train is repaired, it will return to the route. The diesel train Cherkasy-Uman, which is considered the slowest in Ukraine, has been canceled for technical reasons. On Friday, December 31, […]

Hasidim began to leave Uman, the situation is under control – National Police of Ukraine

“In general, the situation is under control. There have been 21 reports on the stay of Hasidic pilgrims. […] In general, thanks to the well-coordinated work of the State Emergency Service (State Emergency Service. – “GORDON”), the police, the National Guard and the Migration Service, we minimized any kind of provocation and offenses during the stay […]

Hasidim began to leave Uman –

Photo: National Police of Ukraine Hasidim calmly celebrated Rosh Hashanah in Uman – – Police have stepped up patrols to enforce law and order at places where pilgrims board buses. On Wednesday evening, Hasidic pilgrims began to leave the city of Uman for their countries of permanent residence. About it informs National Police on September […]

Fire in Uman: it became known about the victims

A hostel burned in Uman – – Four teenagers were poisoned by carbon monoxide, and two more were cut by glass when trying to get out of a burning building. Six minors were injured in a fire in the dormitory of the Uman National University of Horticulture, which occurred on Tuesday, September 7, police of […]

23 thousand Hasidim have already arrived in Uman

Photo: There are first violations in Uman – police – – The police began to receive the first reports of offenses committed with the participation of the Hasidim. Almost 23 thousand Hasidic pilgrims, including 1730 children, have already arrived in Uman for the celebration of Rosh Ha-Shana. This is reported on Sunday, September 5 […]

Hasidim in Uman – Israeli police arrive in the city

11 police officers from the State of Israel arrived in Uman. Together with Ukrainian law enforcement officers, they will serve in places of compact residence and pilgrimage of the Hasidim. – Israeli law enforcement officers were briefed. Also, law enforcement officers jointly examined the area of ​​the pilgrimage. Police from Israel, together with Ukrainian law […]

Jewish New Year in Uman: GSChS switched to enhanced regime

Photo: Still from video GSChS in Uman – – In the places where the festive events are held, the emergency workers organized a watch of 10 stationary posts. In the city of Uman, a special consolidated detachment of the State Emergency Service was deployed to ensure fire and industrial safety during the celebration of the […]