The singer of Baodao inherits the “amazing legacy” and the collection at home is exposed… the appraiser also looks stupid: it is worth 1 house | Entertainment | CTWANT

The late singer Huang Qiutian. (Picture / newspaper information photo) The late singer Huang Qiutian used to be popular all over Taiwan with his song “Song of Encouraging the World”. In addition, he played the yueqin very well. In addition, his looks are very popular with the audience, and he became the dream lover of […]

Treasure Hunt from Outer Space, Scientists Use Artificial Intelligence

A group of scientists from Field Museum University uses artificial intelligence while hunting for meteorites in Antarctica/Daily Star Photo. JAKARTA – Artificial Intelligence (AI) now has a new task, which is to find treasures from outer space that have fallen to earth. This method has even been practiced by a group of scientists from Field […]

Dutch Warships Found in England, Surprising Contents!

Sussex – A warship Dutch from the 17th century found drowned in English waters. The ship turned out to contain treasure that is quite valuable. The researchers found warship off the coast of Sussex, England. Based on the identification results, it is known that the warship was named Little Hollandia. Built in 1656, the warship […]

Treasure of the Mummy of the Golden Boy Revealed, Found 49 Precious Metal Talismans

loading… The treasure hidden in the golden boy mummy was revealed after a scan using computed tomography (CT scan). Photo/Live Science/ CAIRO – Treasure hidden in the mummy of the golden boy was revealed after a scan using computed tomography (CT scan). This mummy of a golden child from ancient Egypt has 49 hidden amulets, […]

The first vaccine in the world to protect bees

The US government has approved the use of the world’s first honey bee pollen, raising hopes for a new weapon against the colony-destroying diseases used for food pollination. The USDA has conditionally licensed a vaccine made by Dalan Animal Health, a biotechnology company, to help protect honey bees from American foulbrood. “Our vaccine is a […]

Treasury of vitamins.. Discovering a winter fruit that lowers cholesterol and burns fat

Al-Marsad newspaper: The Federal Nutrition Center has stated that the mandarin has many health benefits. As it is rich in vitamin C, which strengthens immunity, improves the absorption of iron from food, and promotes collagen production. The German Center indicated that tangerines also contain vitamins E, B12 and B7, also known as “biotin”, which are […]

A “consultant doctor” responds and closes the dispute • Al-Marsad newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: “Family Health Consultant” Dr. Muhammad Bakr explained that consuming honey without moderation increases blood sugar. Dr. Muhammad Bakr said in his interviews with Al-Ikhbariya channel that honey increases sugar, and this is when a person follows a complete nutritional pattern. And he continued, there is a need for moderation in everything, when I […]

Rūta Meilutytė received a reduced bonus for the world record The sports

Rūta Meilutytė gleefully accepted the prize money as she rubbed her fingers like a wall. 25 thousand US dollars (23.6 thousand euros) go to all the authors of the world records of the Melbourne championship, and among the many historic results in Australia Lithuania also participated. Is it a lot or a little? On the […]