Advance ticket sales for Mendelssohn Music Days 2021

MTK-News by Adolf Albus (15.09.2021) It still takes around five weeks before the first bars of this year’s Mendelssohn Days of Music can be heard. At the beginning on Saturday, October 23, 2021, the Pelzer dance school will be transformed into the Venetian Piazza San Marco – with Italian flair, light classical music and southern […]

Czech supermodel Paulina Pariskova and US screenwriter Aaron Sorkin are no longer together

Hollywood screenwriter Aaron Sorkin Photo: Wikipedia / iDominick Czech supermodel Paulina Pariskova and US screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, who debuted as a couple at this year’s Oscars, have split after a relationship that lasted only a few months, UPI reported. Fifty-six-year-old Parishkova personally announced on Instagram her separation from 60-year-old Sorkin, BTA reported. In her post, […]

Why’expression management’ amid controversy over delivery drivers

① Earnings expectations are anticipated to increase due to Corona 19 and shipments increase ↑ [팍스넷뉴스 최홍기 기자] CJ Logistics is in full swing in facial expression management. This is because the controversy over the overwork of courier drivers that emerged last year led to an increase in courier costs as a result of increased […]

Gu Kwang-mo, 2040 stock-rich 1st place #2 Seohyun Lee, #3 Shihyuk Bang

[팍스넷뉴스 류세나 기자] LG Chairman Kwang-mo Koo was the number 1 young stock-rich in Korea. Chairman Koo, 43 years old this year, owns 2753,771 shares (15.95%) of LG Corporation. The stock valuation multiplied by the closing price of 102,000 won on January 18 is equivalent to 2.8 trillion won. According to the Korea CXO Research […]

Li Tieli’s “Military Order” must qualify for the top 40 matches-Sports-Inner Mongolia Morning Net-Spread the most valuable information | Inner Mongolia news website | Inner Mongolia Morning News official website

2021 has arrived, and the world sports arena, which has been affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic for a year, can return to normal in 2021? It is still unknown. Due to the impact of the epidemic, many important international competitions have been postponed to 2021. Therefore, the Tokyo Olympics, the European Cup, the […]

Very, it’s called our financial business.

In the era of zero interest rates, money is rushing to savings banks. In the past, the local elderly mainly used savings banks, but recently, the inflow of funds from the younger people using digital banking is increasing rapidly. Savings bank deposits recently exceeded 70 trillion won, approaching the level just before the past savings […]