Watch..a “specialist” reveals the imaginary profits of “Tik Tok” and explains how much 4 celebrities earned in one night

Al-Marsad newspaper: An e-marketing specialist revealed the fictitious profits of “Tik Tok”, indicating that the profits we hear about are real. He said during an interview on the “Yahla” program on the “Gulf Rotana” channel, a newspaper recently published that 4 celebrities got $250,000 in one night through a group show. Emphasizing that “Tik Tok” […]

You will pay this amount monthly! • Al Marsad Newspaper

Exclusive translationAmerican billionaire Elon Musk has decided to impose a new tariff on people who own the blue tick on Twitter at $ 20 per month, according to the “Daily Mail” newspaper. Musk said the Twitter administration will regulate the verification process for users, adding, “The entire verification process is undergoing renewal,” without giving further […]