A ship with 350 tons of US military aid arrived in Odessa – media

Dry-cargo ship Ocean Glory under the American flag arrived in Odessa, reports Duma. According to the newspaper, the ship delivered to Ukraine about 350 tons of military equipment, in particular 35 army off-road vehicles HMMWV. The unloading of the equipment is expected to continue until tomorrow. In early March, the Pentagon allocated to Ukraine a […]

“Goodbye, mushrooms!” Russian-made Haval H5 protect against corrosion

The Chinese company announced the launch of a new SUV on the Russian market, focusing on the improved anti-corrosion treatment, which is already used on the flagship N9. The Russian representative office of the Haval brand, owned by Great Wall Motors, announced that at the enterprise in the Tula region, when assembling H5 SUVs, they […]

The network showed UAZ “Hunter” in body kit from Toyota Land Cruiser

After modifications, the Russian SUV is famous for its excellent appearance. UAZ “Hunter” has always been famous for practicality and maneuverability, but the appearance of the Russian SUV has always depressed owners who had to modify such a car. After that, this car turned into a real masterpiece, capable of literally “breaking” foreign analogues. This […]

Audi expects 20 percent growth in SUVs 1:03:20

FRANKFURT (Dow Jones) – Regardless of the climate debate, VW subsidiary Audi does not want to patronize its customers when choosing a new car. “If customers want to drive SUVs, they will drive SUVs. I don’t think it would be expedient to patronize customers and tell them that they should no longer drive SUVs,” said […]

It is already known when the Ford Bronco 2020 will be revealed

Since Ford announced that the Ford Bronco would return in 2020, lovers of this SUV are desperate to learn more details about it. The Ford Bronco that was discontinued in 1966 will return completely redesigned in its 2020 version. The task of re-designing a classic should not be easy, market expectations are high and surely […]

The network remembered the unusual project UAZ-3182 “Astero”

Looking through the model range of the domestic auto industry, it turns out that there are significantly fewer production cars than those designed. The beginning of the creation of an unusual model was launched in 1994, and the first model was presented in 1997 at the Moscow Motor Show. The basis for the UAZ-3182 “Astero” […]

The 2020 Jeep Gladiator gets a $ 9,000 discount in some areas

Call your local dealer to be sure they have the offer Jeep has promoted to 2020 Gladiator Jeep since the end of last year, so much expectation has been created around this pickup of medium size. The new Jeep SUV comes with improvements on the outside and a new engine for the line. The Gladiator […]

With only 160,000 pounds … the Chinese FAW invades the markets with Bestune T77

10:03 am Thursday 30 January 2020 Books – Mohamed Gamal Leading Chinese automaker, FAW, is poised to conquer the markets of Russia, Europe and the Asian market with the Bestune T77 SUV, which is characterized by sophistication, sophistication and a competitive price. According to the Russia Today website in Arabic, the new car will come […]