Short story: The door will be opened by | Slate Fr

published on 2021-04-07T22: 15: 43Z During the fourth international meetings of the School of Psychoanalysis of the Lacanian Field Forums, the writer and art critic Catherine Millet was questioned about the paradoxes of desire. She then declared: “One of the functions of art is to present us either images or objects that we believe we […]

Interference by Radio Televisión Martí

published on 2021-03-20T19: 02: 09Z A parade of international pop music hits, a countdown of the ten most important songs of the week, an hour-long program, designed and produced to suit young Cubans. Hosting by Mike “El Niño” Vázquez, segments by Víctor Suave, editing, production and direction by Jaime J. Almirall, Jr. On Saturday and […]

#054 Lucas Escarioni | EMT Podcast by Electronic Music Travel

published on 2021-03-10T14:09:55Z Lucas Escarioni. Buenos Aires, Argentina. 25 years. At the age of 18, he became interested in the world of music production and in 2018 he formally began his career as a DJ. Their sets and productions are influenced by different styles, such as House, Deep Tech and Tech House, in which bass […]

Short story: Identity crisis by | Slate Fr

published on 2021-03-10T17:23:17Z Behind our dreams sometimes hide real nightmares. We think we can finally satisfy a desire, but we find ourselves plunged into a spiral that we would not have suspected. When Bérénice embarks on her first real estate purchase, she discovers that the image we have of ourselves is not always what we […]

Science with ELLES # 6 March 2021 by Le Miroir des sciences

published on 2021-03-07T10:05:15Z In an interview with Studyrama, Philippe Dépincé, President of the Training and Society Commission of the Conference of Directors of French Engineering Schools, discusses the actions implemented to fight against gender inequalities. He evokes the ignorance of the contribution of women to science and technology and points to public policies (I quote) […]