Suez Canal Authority makes captain Ever Given responsible…

The Suez Canal Authority (SCA) rejects the theory that bad weather and strong crosswinds led to the accident. She also states that there were no technical problems with the cargo ship. She directly blames the captain of the Ever Given for blocking the canal. “According to our information, the ship turned to the right as […]

Turkey begins construction of the Istanbul Canal

The Istanbul Canal will connect the Black and Marmara Seas The length of the navigable artery, which will be built around the Bosphorus, is more than 40 meters. With its help, the authorities plan to increase exports. The largest infrastructure project in the history of Turkey – the construction of the Istanbul Canal – will […]

Observers said about Rp. 500 billion in postage subsidies from the government

JAKARTA, – Universitas Airlangga economic observer, Rahma Gafmi, assesses the policy of providing subsidies for Postal fee (postage) on Harbolnas 2021 can be a momentum to revive the economy. Rahma said this policy could strengthen people’s purchasing power and encourage sales of consumer goods, which had been sluggish due to reduced demand. “With the […]

Freighter is said to be drifting on Norway’s coast

The multi-purpose freighter “Eemslift Hendrika” got into distress on Easter Monday in bad weather. dpa / NTB / Rescue helicopter Florø / Hoved Oslo. A freighter loaded with oil and diesel is currently drifting abandoned and without drive in the European Arctic Ocean off Norway. A Dutch cargo ship drifts in heavy waves in the […]

Captain Marwa (29) was blamed for the Suez blockade

Marwa Elselehdar was shocked when she checked the phone and saw the flow of messages coming in, she tells BBC. She had been appointed as the person responsible for the Japanese container ship Ever Given getting stuck in the Suez Canal and blocking it from all other ships. The blockade created major headlines in the […]

Suez Canal traffic jam resolved: last stranded ships have left | NOW

The huge traffic jam of 422 ships in the Suez Canal has come to an end as the last stranded vessels have sailed through the canal. The Suez Canal Authority (SCA) reports this. On Saturday, the last 61 stranded ships still in line made use of the canal in Egypt. Shipping traffic through the Suez […]

The largest container ports in the world in 2021

Düsseldorf Hamburg and Amsterdam are among the largest ports in Europe. In comparison to container ports in Asia, however, they are above all – small. This is shown by statistics from the German traffic newspaper (DVZ), which specializes in logistics issues. The 2020 figures were collected in March 2021. The handling volume of the respective […]

Shipping Suez Canal gets underway, but after-effects may last for months | NOW

The Suez Canal in Egypt will be open for shipping in both directions from Monday evening after the ship Ever Given, which was there for almost a week, was towed away. More than four hundred ships are waiting to sail through the canal. According to local authorities, the Dutch company Boskalis has managed to refloat […]