Culture tips for the weekend

December 1, 2021 at 4:36 pm Culture tips for the weekend : The Kaiser, Petronella and Freud send their regards “The emperor’s new clothes” is on the program at Theater Krefeld. Photo: Matthias Stutte From cozy to creepy. We recommend a happy family pastime, an exciting biopic, an informative documentary about an opera choir and […]

Use Handsomeness for Women’s Head Collection

Jakarta – Ted Bundy have the ability to trick their victims to be killed. Besides having a handsome face, Bundy also good at pretending. Quoted from Murderpedia, Friday (11/26/2021) Bundy has various ways to gain the victim’s trust. At times, he pretended to be injured, wore a sling or put on a fake cast, as […]

Patient Stephan Letter had asked for help before being killed

Jakarta – Stephan Letter killed the elderly at the Sonthofen Clinic, Germany by injecting sedatives and muscle relaxants. One of the victims even had time to ask for help before being put to death. Quoted from Murderpedia, Friday (11/19/2021) the mother of Reindl, who was the victim Letter, was treated for gallstones. The next day […]

Serial Killer Yoo Young-chul Learns From Korean Movies

Jakarta – Yoo Young-chul became one of the most notorious serial killers in South Korea. He is reported to have a unique personality. He is good at tricking the police and is obsessed with Korean films about killing elderly people. As reported by Korea JoongAng Daily, Yoo confessed to having killed 21 people. He is […]

Who is Robert Durst, billionaire sentenced to life for murder?

In the United States, his story was popularized by an HBO documentary. The rich and sulphurous American heir Robert Durst was sentenced Thursday, October 14 to life imprisonment by a Los Angeles court, without the possibility of parole, for the murder of her best friend. The 78-year-old multimillionaire was convicted in September of killing his […]

Escape from Prison, Vampire Slaughter 10 Children Killed by Mobs

loading… BUNGOMA – A man Kenya Dubbed the “bloodthirsty vampire” Tews is beaten by a mob after escaping from prison. The nickname was given to him by the police for massacring 10 boys and drinking the blood of some of them. Masten Milimo Wanjala, 20, escaped from prison and fled to his hometown of Bungoma, […]

has the Zodiac killer just been identified?

It is one of the most famous American “cold cases”. The Zodiac affair hit the coast in the western United States in the early 1970s. The man is the author of at least five murders, claimed 37, and had marked the spirits by his game with the police and their encrypted messages. An independent group […]

Former French police officer revealed as a notorious serial killer

In the mid-1980s, the French capital was hit by a wave of murders and rapes. It began with 11-year-old Cécile Bloch being reported missing after she did not show up at school in 1986. The girl was found raped and killed under an old carpet in the basement of the apartment complex she herself lived […]

Japanese woman who poisoned four men faces death penalty

Photo: Chisako Kakéhi Chisako Kakehi was found guilty of the murder of her husband and two lovers, as well as an attempt on the life of an acquaintance in order to obtain an inheritance. Japanese woman Chisako Kakehi, who poisoned four men for the sake of inheritance, has been on death row for several […]