Sean Connery: How to imitate the Scottish actor’s exclusive design

Many thanks to her corpulence and her relaxed physical appearance, Connery was also living proof that genuine design and style is as substantially about how you present your self as it is about your temper. He showed a distant air that, he had the epithet chilly at the time, he would obviously have been inseparable […]

Five theme parks in Spain to have fun with children

Enjoying theme parks as a family is the perfect excuse to end the summer in style or give a boost to the difficult task of getting back to the grind. The old image of an amusement park with roller coasters, baby strollers and little else has disappeared. Today’s offer is immensely wider, very interesting and, […]

Tarantino picked his preferred Indiana Jones motion picture and sparked the controversy

In 1981 Steven Spielberg next his friend’s script Giorgio Lucapresented Cazadores del Arca Perdida (Raiders of the Shed Ark), the first chapter of the archaeologist and adventurer Indiana Jones. Portrayed by Harrison Ford, this character immediately turned an viewers favourite. The accomplishment of the very first installment designed feasible the growth of the franchise, which […]

Seven curiosities of Ian Fleming and James Bond

Ian Fleming is one of those names that not everyone remembers at first hearing. Some will think that it is related to the world of medicine or science, but the truth is that his legacy remains alive today and the star character of his novels has made a name for himself throughout the world. world. […]

These stars and celebrities died in 2021

– Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh: June 10, 1921 – April 9, 2021. Prince Philip, husband of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, died at Windsor Castle. He had previously had heart surgery. The Duke of Edinburgh has been married to Elizabeth since 1947 and they have four children. Image rights: imago images/PA Images –

Spy Movies | News The Tribune of Albacete

Pegasus, the mythological winged horse, has flapped its wings and has moved away from the noise and the eye of the hurricane in which it was immersed after the scandal of the espionage and telephone tracking affair discovered, it is not very clear why now, taking into account when it occurred. The truth is that […]