Measuring Oxygen Saturation with a Smart Bracelet

JAKARTA – One of the things experienced by Covid-19 patients is lowering oxygen saturation. Oxygen saturation itself means a measure of the percentage of oxyhemoglobin or hemoglobin bound by oxygen in the blood. Under normal conditions the oxygen saturation level reaches above 95 percent. An oxygen level below 92 percent indicates potential hypoxia, which means […]

The egg – from superfood №1 to a surgical dressing

The standard is for protein, with a high saturation index, and in the usual case, the scarecrow with cholesterol is a myth. Eggs are a miracle, no matter how we interpret the statement. They are the miracle of life. Number 1 among superfoods. The perfect protein. Natural “pill” lutein and zeaxanthin for healthy eyes. Good […]

Trump’s Covid disease is said to have been much more serious

February 12, 2021 at 1:50 am „New York Times“ : Trump’s Covid disease is said to have been much more serious <!– <!– <!– According to a report: Ex-US President Donald Trump had a significantly stronger Covid 19 disease than previously known. Photo: Alex Brandon / AP / dpa Washington Last year, the then US […]

Covid-19. Le Mans hospital on the verge of saturation

The question is no longer whether there will be a third wave, but when it will take place, warns the severe mine, Laurent Pidhorz, the doctor vice-president of the Medical Commission of establishment (CME) of the hospital of Le Mans. The tone is just as serious in the director of the hospital center, Olivier Bossard, […]

A second wave of coronavirus hits Brazil, there are areas on the brink of collapse

by Larpeirán a ____ published: ____ With 50,000 cases every 24 hours, some major hospitals no longer find an intensive care bed available. “Brazil is following the path of the United States and not that of the European countries. Today the virus circulates throughout the country and the political stupidity could not be greater. […]

CdMx. Covid-19 patients ‘pilgrimage’ to hospitals to be treated

Given the rebound in covid-19 cases in Mexico City, the hospital saturation is notorious once again, and that is that despite the fact that health authorities assure that there is availability in hospitals, the reality is different. “Patients come, they receive them, they treat them, I imagine, to revive them a little and they go […]