Andy Bailey presents his book ‘Órgiva: a guide to betting on rural Spain’

Andy Bailey / Rafael Vílchez It is a 221-page work that gathers a vision from within the rural life in the country An Englishman living in Órgiva for two decades, Andy Bailey, has made one of his dreams come true: to write a 221-page work entitled ‘Órgiva: a guide to betting on rural Spain’. «After […]

the book that takes up the rural debate from the beginning

Reading time 7 minutes Many books are written, but not so many are read. If, in addition, they generate reflection and debate, we are facing a rare jewel. That’s Empty Spain (Turner) – five years ago it was published, with the subtitle of Travel to a country that never was–, a travel book that combines […]

A herd of elephants escaped from a sanctuary in China

Photo: Unsplash A herd of 15 elephants that escaped from a nature reserve Animals walk through fields and villages, trampling crops on their way and destroying the barns of villagers. A herd of 15 elephants that escaped from a nature reserve made their way through fields in the southwestern Chinese province of Yunnan and left […]

Underestimating Result, Covid-19 in India Extends to Remote Countryside Pages all

NEW DELHI, – Crisis corona virus India spread to rural in 10 states, saw an increase in infection cases and deaths in April. In 2020, the first wave of the pandemic Covid-19 in India initially only infected residents in densely populated cities. However, the second wave of the pandemic in 2021 has also hit […]

SIMAS- Mesoamerican Information Service on Sustainable Agriculture

Nutrition and fertilization of passion fruit Passion fruit cultivation has spread appreciably in various areas of Latin America, but there is not enough information on the various factors of production of this important crop. This publication aims to contribute to the improvement of the production of this passionflower by providing producers, researchers and students with […]

Caja Rural Granada renews its website to offer a more digital service and closer to its customers

Caja Rural Granada is a financial institution whose objective is to bring its local banking closer to citizens. Its effort is focused on ensuring that all clients, individuals, companies of any size, cooperatives, entrepreneurs and freelancers, find a financial solution for each situation, personal or business. Its new commercial website,, is a reflection of […]

In a rural American hospital, the hope of the vaccine

In the small town of Claxton, Evans Memorial Hospital (EMH) is preparing to receive a beautiful Christmas present: the vaccine against Covid-19, which is scheduled for delivery in the coming hours. Caregivers will receive it as a priority, like firefighters, police officers and ambulance workers in the town of 2,700 souls, capital of “Fruit cake”, […]