A retired citizen is more entitled to medical insurance than expatriates

Once again, and after many appeals, journalist and writer Abd al-Rahman al-Murshed calls for the inclusion of retired citizens in medical insurance, stressing that their number in the Kingdom does not exceed seven hundred and twenty thousand civilians and military personnel, a number that is not so large as to make it difficult to include […]

Enumeration of the reasons… A Saudi writer proposes applying medical insurance to retirees

Al-Marsad newspaper: The writer, Talal Al-Qashqari, has called for applying medical insurance to retirees and transferring it to the public sector for the benefit required by their circumstances. Nationalization of pensioners Al-Qashqari said, in his article entitled “Nationalization of retirees..!!”, which was published in the Al-Madina newspaper: “The title of the article consists of two […]

Retirees take more than workers, what is the reason?

Seniors with average pensions earn more than minimum wage earners. One report shows that on average retirees live on BGN 666.04, econ.bg reported. This is 60.77 levs more than the net salary: 605.27 levs for half a million Bulgarians, who since 1 January have been insured at 780 levs, which is the minimum wage. In […]

Great news for retirees! Millions of 38-year-olds are entitled to…

Approximately 2.3 million employees will be eligible for early retirement, regardless of age, if they meet the necessary requirements. This was announced by President Erdogan after a cabinet meeting. The conditions for requesting early retirement are as follows: the person must be registered in the social security system by 7 September 1999 and must have […]

Don’t be ashamed, retirement is …

One of the most outrageous actresses, Diana Dimitrova, blew up the web with a post against politicians. The beauty, posing as Dr. Ognyanova, got excited on the first day in parliament, describing an incident with a pensioner. Here is the text of her personal profile: “I start like this.Today, without mentioning why, I went to […]

La Nación / Retirees refuse the loan application

The secretary of the Center for Retirees and Retirees of the Social Security Institute (IPS), Juan Estigarribia, stressed that he had mobilized yesterday against the lack of medicines and supplies in the social security system, despite repeated complaints and claims to the authorities. They also reject the loan project that the authorities of the pension […]