Qatar’s Economic Growth Expected to Reach 4.0% in 2023: Standard Chartered Report

The country may record a growth of 4.0% in the current year 2023, down from the rate of the previous year, which reached 4.75%. Temporary growth slowdown ‘not cause for concern’ Doha, Qatar : Today, Standard Chartered announced its economic report for Africa and the Middle East for the second quarter of the current year […]

Fighting Depression: The Role of Sports and Medication

Tell me – Depression is fought with sports and going out into nature. Movement outside restores feelings of enjoyment for a person if depression is in its infancy, according to what mental health experts told Al-Hurra. However, medications remain necessary in many cases and must coincide with psychological treatment. Is it possible to dispense with […]

“Spotify Introduces Lock Screen Tool for Quick Access on Apple iPhones”

Jafra News – Spotify, the owner of the famous music application, announced that it has introduced a dedicated lock tool for Apple iPhones, allowing users to quickly access the application with a single click. The new feature, called Spotify Lock Screen, is available with the latest version of the company’s app in its version for […]

Primary Health Care Corporation successfully concluded its Bowel Cancer Awareness Month campaign through the bowel cancer screening programme – Screen for Life. The campaign aimed to remind women and men in Qatar about the importance of getting screened for bowel cancer at an early stage. The program offered free screening through Fecal Immunochemical Test (FIT test) to all women and men in Qatar aged between 50-74 years. The campaign resulted in 1620 appointments being booked and a significant increase in awareness about bowel cancer screening.

In the month of March, over 750 people were screened for bowel cancer in a concerted effort to raise awareness about this deadly disease. Bowel cancer, also known as colorectal cancer, is one of the most common types of cancer worldwide, affecting millions of people each year. The screening campaign, which was launched by a […]

Experience Traditional Filipino Street Food at QIFF 2023.

The Qatar International Food Festival (QIFF) is one of the highly anticipated events for foodies and culinary enthusiasts around the world. Every year, QIFF showcases the best of international cuisines, and in 2023, it’s featuring a new addition – traditional Filipino street food. With its distinct blend of flavors and textures, Filipino street food has […]

Qatar to Take Part in CII Partnership Summit 2023 Held in India

Qatar, a Gulf nation known for its prosperous economy and strategic location, is set to participate in the CII Partnership Summit 2023 in India. This summit serves as a global platform for business leaders and policymakers to discuss collaboration and investment opportunities across various sectors. With Qatar’s progressive economy and ambitious vision for growth, it […]

Angelina Jolie hired an assassin so she wouldn’t resort to suicide

Tell me – International press reports revealed shocking stages in the life of Hollywood star Angelina Jolie, during her depression and her thoughts of suicide. A report on the “Evie” website said that Angelina Jolie hired a professional killer to kill her. Because even though she wanted to die, she didn’t want to commit suicide […]