“Stress seems to decrease over the course of life”

This also explains why older people, according to research are happier on average than younger people? You might think that getting older doesn’t bring much happiness – just think of how physical health deteriorates and illnesses increase while social contacts and cognitive resources gradually dwindle. In fact, however, we find time and again that life […]

Martinová in a fit of terror: Her daughter saved her!

A serious traffic accident turned her whole life upside down in one moment. Coming to terms with the fact that her face will be forever scarred by the accident was not easy for the country star in her youth. However, quality medical care minimized the consequences of an accident involving a car with an unarmored […]

Darmstadt: policeman slaps rioters

A guy rebels on a tram. Even when the police arrive, he won’t prevent. A law enforcement officer then slaps him in the deal with: Has the officer lost management? – After an incident involving a mentally ill rioter on a tram in Darmstadt, an investigation was introduced against a law enforcement officer. As a […]

Link found between male anxiety and serious illness

Photo: pixabay.com Anxious men are at greater risk of developing heart disease – – In men who are prone to anxiety, risk factors for cardiovascular disease and diabetes appear at an early age. American scientists have concluded that anxious men develop heart disease and diabetes earlier. The results of the study were published in the […]

Scientists have found out who dies more often from coronavirus

Photo: pixabay.com The group of people most often dying from coronavirus named – – The most common cases of coronavirus and death from it are people with mental disorders. Scientists from the University of Manchester in the UK have found that people with mental disorders are five times more likely to get sick and die […]

Passengers Watch Rape Rape on Train, Psychiatrist Speaks Up

Jakarta – The horrific incident that befell a woman in the United States. She raped on the Philadelphia commuter train. Unfortunately, none of the passengers helped the victim and just watched in silence. According to the local police, rape happened in front of a number of other train passengers without anyone taking any action to […]