Germany risks losing in world trade

It is not the first time that globalization has backtracked. Economic historian Harold James has identified seven globalization crises since 1850, some of them severe. While each of these has led to a new phase of globalization, he is by no means certain that past winners of globalization will also be future winners. As a […]

Virtual reality is defined as a post-stroke therapeutic solution – Immersive technology startup, Aruvana, has announced a partnership to develop a post-stroke therapy product, VINERA (Virtual Neuro Engineering and Restoration) with PT Medika Brain Sejahtera. The presence of this product is intended to accelerate the expansion of stroke therapy solutions using virtual reality (VR) technology. VINERA is the first VR technology based application […]

How Roman roads still shape the economic situation today – knowledge

The request for investment in infrastructure is a request that has had a positive response from all political alignments. Capital and employees benefit equally from a well-developed transport network. Sure, you have to spend money, but in the long run everyone benefits. A group of economists now wants to find out exactly how long-term it […]

Shared prosperity zone?

On the front page of yesterday, Wednesday, this newspaper highlighted the Gibraltar government’s warning to its companies to prepare for the eventuality that an agreement will not be reached in the negotiations between the EU and the UK in relation to the European status of Gibraltar after Brexit. . In fact, Gibraltar has prepared contingency […]

Setting up a company in the Czech Republic takes longer to leave the EU

Setting up a company in the Czech Republic takes up to 25 days, the longest in the whole of the EU. The European average is about 12 days. At the same time, to start a business here it is necessary to take more administrative measures than in other countries. It is therefore not surprising that […]