North Korea executes man who imports copies of Netflix series

The man was arrested after authorities in North Korea caught seven high school students watching a South Korean series banned in the country. Copied serial copies of USB flash drives imported into North Korea from China. The pupil who had purchased the flash memory has been sentenced to life imprisonment, while the other six who […]

The head of the President’s Office, Yermak, will be interrogated because of the failure of the special operation to detain the Wagnerites – acting heads of the RR

“We will summon Mr. Yermak for interrogation for several days. Why are we not doing this today? Because we expect certain information from our colleagues from law enforcement agencies in the coming days. And we will invite Mr. Yermak for interrogation,” he said. Sukhachev. The host of the program Natalya Moseichuk asked the acting. of […]

Colombia received Otoniel’s extradition request from the United States

Colombia has received the United States’ request to hand over “Otoniel”, a powerful drug lord captured in October, and is only awaiting judicial authorization for his extradition, South American President Ivan announced Thursday. Duque. “The government has received the official US request for the extradition of ‘Otoniel’” and it has been forwarded to the Supreme […]

Lukashenko: The US wants to start a war with Polish, Baltic and Ukrainian hands

“They are trying to use these unfortunate refugees, this process. Their goal is already becoming more visible. They are already speaking openly – NATO must be connected. But what does it mean to cause war?” “They are provoking us. Europe does not need it, Europe does not want it. Who needs this war?” “They have […]

the Gironde wishes to experiment with a specialized justice

The department of Gironde asked the Ministry of Justice to be able to experiment “as in Spain since the early 2000s, a specialized justice system against violence against women». Read also“Do not let anything go”, the new campaign against violence against women This motion was adopted unanimously on Monday, a spokesperson for this department chaired […]

Italy will take tougher action against the unvaccinated

The government approved a decree on Wednesday that would require a certificate of vaccination against Covid-19 or transmission of the disease for most of public life from 6 December. Covid-19 certification is required for admission to bars, restaurants and events. The new rules will be valid until January 15. They will then remain in force […]

Slovakia apologizes for forced sterilization of Roma women

The ruling coalition issued a statement on Wednesday condemning the human rights abuses over the years and apologizing to the victims, the state news agency TASR reported. The number of sterilizations carried out is only estimated, but the practice has affected at least several thousand women, a Roma spokeswoman told the government on its official […]

An agreement has been reached on the new German government

Scholz said the new government would not pursue the “lowest common denominator” but would pursue a “high-impact policy”. He emphasized that the cornerstones of the new government’s policy would be a “sovereign Europe”, friendship with France and cooperation with the United States, thus continuing the tradition that had existed since World War II. Scholz expressed […]

Vaccination buses in Riga will operate until December 5

Outbound vaccination is organized on a so-called “live queue” basis and no prior registration is required. Persons must carry a valid identity document – passport or eID card. Vaccines available on vaccination buses will be Comirnaty from Pfizer / BioNTech and Janssen from Johnsons & Johnsons The capacity of each off-site vaccination point is 75-100 […]

Biden Seeks Elimination Of Sanctions Against Nord Stream 2

How informs Foreign Policy publication, the administration of US President Joe Biden intends to seek the removal of the clause on sanctions against the Russian Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline from the defense budget for next year. It is specified that this work has already been activated. For example, last week a number of high-ranking […]