Thousands protest in France against controversial changes …

After multiple incidents of brutal police violence, thousands of people took to the streets in France on Saturday to protest against that violence and a controversial change in law protecting the police. The French Ministry of the Interior estimates that some 133,000 people have demonstrated across the country. There were demonstrations in Strasbourg, Marseilles, Lyon, […]

Man filming arrest in Ghent harshly tackled and used …

A man filming an arrest in Ghent was handled by the police. He was bitten by a police dog and was arrested. The police have started an investigation. Idries Bensbaho (23) is an actor and self-employed student. When he went to his cousin on Saturday evening, he passed police who arrested two people at Van […]

Nigerian youth is not taking enough of controversial p …

#EndSARS is echoing all over Nigeria on social media. Even as the country’s most hated police force is being shut down, protests continue. Two civilians have already been killed. The president tries to calm things down. After more than a week of protesting, it seemed as if young Nigerians had gotten their way: police announced […]

Riots in Colombia for the second day after deadly police brutality | NOW

For the second day, riots broke out in the Colombian capital Bogota after a man was killed by police brutality on Wednesday morning. Nine people have now been killed in the protests. The protests began after 46-year-old Javier Ordonez was repeatedly given electric shocks by police with an electric shock weapon. He later died in […]

Police shot 13-year-old boy with autism – CNN

(CNN) — A 13-year-old boy was seriously injured after being shot by a police officer in Salt Lake City on Friday night, according to his mother. Golda Barton said her son Linden Cameron, who has Asperger syndrome, experienced a “mental breakdown” earlier that day. It had been her first day back to work in nearly […]

They ask to arrest cops for death of black man in NY – CNN

Black man suffocated to death in police custody 4:49 (CNN) — The family of a black man in Rochester, New York, is calling for the firing and arrest of all the police officers involved in his death in March, who they say put a bag over his head. Daniel Prude was having a mental health […]

Director of the Belgian airport police resigns after scandal

The director of the Belgian aviation police, Danny Elst, is stepping down due to the police crackdown at Charleroi Airport in Brussels in 2018 in which a confused Slovak traveler was killed. Belgian media report this on Saturday. It is the second high-ranking police officer to leave the field because of the scandal. Elst has […]

Georgia cop fired after tasing woman in viral TikTok video

A Georgia cop has been fired after he was caught on a viral TikTok video tasing an unarmed black woman on her front porch, officials said Friday. Michael Oxford, formerly of the Gwinnett County Police Department outside of Atlanta, was first placed on desk duty following the Tuesday incident and was fired Friday after an […]

Eleven underage suspects arrested from riots in Anderlech …

In recent days, the Brussels South police have arrested eleven people who are said to have been involved in the riots that took place on April 10 and 11 in Anderlecht. The public prosecutor’s office reports this on Saturday. Riots broke out in Anderlecht on Friday 10 and Saturday 11 April, after a young man […]