Scientists suspect that the Polar Lakes on Mars are just frozen clay

Planet Mars. (Wikipedia/NASA) – Scientists highlight the existence of Lake pole which is on the planet Mars. But a new study finds that the location isn’t what it used to be. Scientists discovered that bright reflections detected by radar below south pole of mars, likely not an underground lake as previously thought. But according […]

FACT CHECK: Video of a lunar eclipse occurring at the North Pole is not true – A video claiming a lunar eclipse at the North Pole has gone viral on social media. In the video, the moon appears at a very close distance from Earth’s surface, before obscuring the sun and darkening what the North Pole claims. “The sighting of the moon and an eclipse at the North Pole, […]

The Earth Is Getting Critical, Turn Down the Heat To Prevent Arctic Ice Melting

Circumstances planet earth increasingly critical because of global warming and climate change, Epson is collaborating with National Geographic to raise awareness actions to protect the world’s permafrost – the frozen land beneath Earth’s polar regions – by launching the ‘Turn Down the Heat’ campaign. The campaign comes at a time when scientists predict that the […]

A new health center expected for the month of May or June 2021, in the Eure

Recently, Jérôme Débus, mayor of Amfreville-Saint-Amand, invited all the health professionals of his municipality to the old building of the former community of municipalities of Amfreville Saint-Amand. A superb building located in Fouqueville but today desperately empty, except for a few dormant archives. The premises belong to the community of communes Roumois Seine, which has […]

Hate online. The Paris prosecutor’s office will create a specialized center

Cyberbullying, advocacy of terrorism, death threats… Business has multiplied in recent years on social networks. To better fight against hate online, a specialized center will be created within the Paris prosecutor’s office in order in particular to deal in real time with all forms of threats and apologies for terrorism sure internet, explains the Paris […]