The Taliban have announced a cabinet with terrorists and wanted by the FBI

A Taliban member points a machine gun at protesters in Kabul. PHOTO: Reuters Assassination organizer is Minister of the Interior The Taliban have announced a government that includes only men, terrorists and FBI wanted individuals, the AP reported. Mohammad Hassan Ahund will be prime minister. He is one of the founders of the Islamist organization […]

After 42 years of marriage, the husband declared himself a woman

The 74-year-old became the first transgender person on the cover of a women’s magazine Only 6 years ago, Petra Wenham led a boring retirement life in the small English town of Suffolk. At the time, she was still known as a man, although she felt like a woman for over 50 years. Only Lorraine’s wife […]

In Russia, teenagers set fire to the Victory monument

Photo: Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation The amount of material damage caused is being specified The department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in the Mozhaisk city district is conducting an inspection. The identity of the guys is being established. In the Moscow region of the Russian Federation, […]

Formanová versus Křesadlová: They have finally reconciled! | For women

“Nobody in America knows me, which is a big advantage. I will come, get out and leave. I probably couldn’t do stand-up in the Czech Republic. I would be ashamed, I would miss the anonymity, “ says Formanová, who came to Prague to baptize a book of memories of life alongside Miloš. “The boys still […]

Forman goes to jail! Helps a woman sentenced to death! | For women

A graduate of screenwriting at the Prague FAMU, she resigned from her professional life when her twins Andrew and James were born. She created a background for the Oscar-winning director, caring for the children and their extensive headquarters in Connecticut. In time, however, she longed to broaden her horizons and began studying in the United […]

Greta Thunberg also went to war with the Chinese state media

Greta Thunberg After often engaging in verbal duels with all sorts of personalities in the name of her sacred goal, Greta Thunberg proved that even the power of the Chinese state media cannot shock her, a Sky News article quoted by claims. The climate activist tweeted a link to a story detailing the article […]