scientists called the pros and cons

The Russian Academy of Sciences recently during an online conference discussed the burning question: how is the development of vaccines for a new coronavirus infection. Although, she’s already six months. You can probably stop considering it new and start living, reckoning with it. Actually, the country’s best research institutes are trying to prepare us for […]

New species of ticks and pathogens discovered in France

Feel like frolicking in forests, gardens and meadows … beware of ticks! This hematophagous mite, which appreciates spring and which INRAE ​​scientists are studying, is the second vector of diseases for humans, after the mosquito, and the first in animals. Ixodes ricinus is the most widespread tick in France but new species have appeared. Learn […]

Differences of the pandemics – naturopathy & naturopathic specialist portal

Corona Pandemic: Lessons from the Spanish Flu? In times of the corona pandemic, the “Spanish flu” is often remembered, which is said to have claimed up to 50 million lives worldwide just over 100 years ago. In a recent communication, two historians from the University of Basel clarify some differences and similarities between the two […]

Hope for vaccination of Sars-CoV-2: virus mutates only slowly –

Hope for vaccination of Sars-CoV-2: virus slowly mutates Coronavirus – immunologist: “Vaccine stoppers against the infection already exist” Sars-CoV-2: when does the vaccination come? TIME ONLINE Coronavirus: These vaccines are said to stop Covid-19 NZZ Neue Zürcher Zeitung Coronavirus: Interview on vaccine, immunity, medication See “Learn More” on Google News .

The world has launched a race to create a vaccine against coronavirus :: Society :: RBC

Once convincing data on immunogenicity, safety and efficacy are obtained, the vaccine developer provides the results to the regulator and obtains permission to study in humans. They are usually carried out by healthy volunteers. Human studies also fall into three phases: safety testing, dose selection, and vaccine efficacy studies. To prove effectiveness, it is necessary […]

Influenza and Covid-19 compared

March 7, 2020 at 1:08 pm Some things the same, much different : Influenza and coronavirus in comparison ->      <! – Photo: dpa / cdc Geneva Flu is often used for comparison when discussing measures to counter the Covid 19 pandemic. The World Health Organization (WHO) now lists important similarities and differences. -> <! […]

Corona virus: pathogen survives up to 9 days – this is how it is destroyed

How long do corona viruses live on surfaces such as doorknobs or hospital bedside tables? What are the effective ways to kill them? The new corona virus 2019-nCoV is still rudimentary research. However, according to researchers, certain conclusions can be drawn from similar pathogens. Like all droplet infections, the virus spreads through the hands and […]

Wuhan’s deadly virus spreads over China | Society

Wuhan’s new coronavirus continues its worrying advance. After last Thursday the first two cases abroad will be detected – in Thailand and Japan -, this weekend the Chinese authorities have confirmed a new wave of infections in Wuhan and the first three positive in other cities of the country. Also a new mortal victim, the […]