Fake health pass offers explode on the Darknet

Groups offering fake vaccination certificates against the Covid-19 multiply on the Darknet in proportions never reached before. The phenomenon is largely explained by the ease of access to travel and certain activities for people with a sanitary pass in many countries. The cybersecurity specialist Check Point mentioned on his blog “A volume increase of several […]

Restrictions on travel in Turkey are lifted

Turkey is moving today to the 3rd stage of full normalization of life after the strict restrictions against the coronavirus pandemic, BTA writes. The curfew and restrictions on leaving homes on weekends are coming to an end. Restrictions on intercity transport and travel are also lifted. Restrictions and measures in the resorts are removed, but […]

Microsoft appoints new president for Latin America

The executive has extensive experience in top-level technology and innovation companies. He was also named Corporate Vice President The multinational software company, Microsoft, announced changes in its leadership for the region, and appointed Rodrigo Kede Lima like new President for Latin America and Corporate Vice President de Microsoft Corporation. From this position, Kede Lima (in […]

Unseen parade of mummies with lights and music on the streets of Cairo (Video)

An unprecedented procession of Egyptian pharaohs, or rather their mummies, passes tonight through the streets of the Egyptian capital Cairo An unprecedented procession of Egyptian pharaohs, or more precisely their mummies, is passing through the streets of the Egyptian capital Cairo tonight, world agencies reported. The “participants” are actually 22 mummies of pharaohs, including Ramses […]

Severe winter in late March

Snowdrops PHOTO: Pixaybey Rain and snow will fall in almost the whole country from Saturday to Wednesday, Nova TV reported. A Mediterranean cyclone passes over Greece and Turkey, which will affect the southern half of our country during the day. There will be more significant clouds and rainfall in Central Southern and Southeastern Bulgaria. It […]

The 10 most expensive passes on the European market

The European Pass Market closed this Monday and left transfers with a few million on the table. Despite the global economic crisis caused by the pandemic of coronavirusThere are clubs that did not hesitate to peel their wallets and pay fortunes for some purchases: the majority, a trend, for young footballers. In Ole we tell […]

Riga City Council will refuse monthly parking subscriptions for deputies

From next year, the Riga City Council will refuse monthly parking reservations for deputies, LETA was informed by the Public Relations Department of the Riga City Council. At the co-operation meeting of the Riga City Council coalition parties “For Development / For!”, “Progressive”, “New Unity”, National Union / Latvian Association of Regions and New Conservative […]