Strong earthquake hits near Solomon Islands

Photo: Screenshot No tsunami threat reported The epicenter of the tremors was located 180 kilometers northwest of the capital of the island state, the city of Honiara. An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.6 occurred in the area from the Solomon Islands, located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. About it reported US Geological Survey Friday, […]

US nuclear boat could “fall into the trap” – media

Photo: iStock US nuclear submarine could fall into the “Chinese trap” off the island The American nuclear submarine USS Connecticut was previously damaged during a mission in the South China Sea. The US nuclear submarine USS Connecticut could have fallen into a “Chinese trap” deliberately left near Yongxing Island in the South China Sea. About […]

Two men survived 29 days in distress at sea

The two experienced sailors had embarked on a 20-mile boat trip when things went wrong. The starting point for the trip was Mono Island, the largest island in the Solomon Islands. The plan was to reach another of the islands in the same area, New Georgia Island. But the two men were quickly surprised by […]

US submarine collides with unknown object in the Pacific Ocean

Photo: iStock Nuclear submarine USS Connecticut (SSN-22) collides with an unknown object The submarine independently returns to the port, its condition is assessed as safe and stable. A US nuclear powered submarine collided with an unknown object in international waters in the western Pacific during a dive. This was announced on Thursday, October 7, by […]