Ukrainian actress mesmerized with “fantastic” photos

Photo: Anna Košmal The actress from the TV series Matchmakers stunned her fans with bold shots from a new photo shoot. Ukrainian actress, star of Matchmakers Anna Koshmal excited the imagination of fans with candid photos that she posted on Instagram. The artist appeared in a short black dress. The outfit was with a […]

Do you want to be chic this winter? Get inspired by Meghan Markle’s latest outfit

Although the picture was taken this summer at their headquarters in Santa Barbara, California, family photographer Alexi Lubomirski, wearing clothes Duchess of Sussex wearing, with great for the office or New Year’s Eve in the winter, if you are not going to attract attention with an obligatory sequined dress. A universal dark turtleneck should be […]

Dice burned all over the line: Is that how she went to the company ?!

StarDance is always a star, perfect gown, hairstyle and makeup. Recently, however, she moderated a dance competition Tereza Kostková (45) went to the theater and many raised their eyebrows above her outfit. The fashion critic of the daily Blesk, Ina T, did not spare criticism either. According to her, Tereza is sometimes able to show […]

Victoria Beckham and the 7 looks she showed off in New York

5/8 At third day, the ex Spice Girl reflected that the monochrome look is today, by looking flawless in a totally white one. Victoria made it clear that this trend is perfect to achieve a slim silhouette, when wearing a blouse from her cruise 2022 collection, which she combined with wide pants and her black […]

Created clothes that change size along with the fat owner

Photo: Clothes that change size along with the fat owner The outfit adapts to changes in the size of its owner. However, such wardrobe items are not affordable for everyone. Hunza G and Frame have created a versatile fit line. Invented things change along with the complexion of their owner who is getting fat […]

Education: UNESCO provides support for the holding of the Estates General

The Deputy Director General of UNESCO in charge of education, Stefania Giannini, expressed on July 19, 2021 in Abidjan, the support of her institution for the holding of the States General of Education and Literacy in Côte d ‘ Ivory. It was after a hearing granted to him by the Ivorian Prime Minister, Patrick Achi. […]

After Cars, PUBG Mobile and Tesla Bring This Cool Outfit

PUBG Mobile. (PUBG Mobile) – Super collaboration between PUBG Mobile and Tesla warmly welcomed by the players of this game. After collaborating with McLaren cars, now PUBG Mobile and Tesla are bringing outfit cool to pamper the player. Later, the collaboration between the two will be introduced in the PUBG Mobile version 1.5 update. […]