UAE’s holdings of US bonds decreased in February 2023

Malik Salameh – directThe UAE’s holdings of US Treasury bonds decreased during the month of February 2023 by 0.61 percent on a monthly basis. The UAE’s holdings of bonds last February amounted to about $64.5 billion, compared to $64.9 billion in the previous month, according to the monthly report of the US Treasury Department. On […]

The Future of Sustainable Shopping: Augmented Reality Takes Fashion by Storm

Augmented Reality in Fashion: Everything you need to know about the new technology – and what role it plays in sustainability Technology is intrinsic to everything we do and the fashion industry is no exception. Starting with social media and electrical devices that facilitate production, this linkage ends with extensions of reality like Augmented Reality […]

The Top 5 E-commerce Platforms in Indonesia According to Statista

Jakarta – E-commerce has become a common place for Indonesians to shop. Want to know who is the most popular? Of course, there are many e-commerce options for Indonesians. From shopping for fashion, food, gadgets to hobbies and toys, everyone is looking to e-commerce. Reporting from GoodStats, Statista once presented the most popular e-commerce data […]