Oil and Gas Giant Leaving RI, SKK Migas Excited!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – A number of foreign oil and gas companies have recently stated that they will withdraw from the national upstream oil and gas project. After previously there were Shell and Chevron which stated they would withdraw from the Masela, Maluku and Indonesia Deep Water Development (IDD) Block projects, East Kalimantan, respectively, recently […]

Fantastic! Amount of ConocoPhillips Assets Released to Medco

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – ConocoPhillips, an oil and gas company based in Houston, United States, announced that it will sell its assets in Indonesia to PT Medco Energi Internasional Tbk (MEDC), yesterday, Wednesday (08/12/2021). ConocoPhillips in an official statement announced that it has agreed to sell its full ownership stake in the Corridor Block, South […]

Why is an oil cooler cheaper and safer?

2000W Cecotec oil cooler It is oil radiator from 2.000W from Cecotec With 9 power modules it presents highly efficient characteristics. It is a 2,000W oil radiator that has a light indicator that warns when the desired temperature has been reached. His adjustable thermostat offers 3 heating modes, with 3 power levels, to optimize energy […]

Saudi Aramco predicts chaos in the world due to the rapid abandonment of oil

Photo: bloomberg.com Head of Saudi Aramco Amin Hassan an-Nasser Energy insecurity, rampant inflation and social unrest await countries in the event of a rapid phase-out of oil and gas. Rising inflation, social unrest, chaos threaten the world due to the rapid rejection of oil and gas and a lack of investment in these areas. This […]

Oil Prices ‘Fly’ 2% More, This Prediction Becomes Real?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – World oil prices shot up in trading this morning. The price of the black gold rose more than 2%. On Monday (6/12/2021) at 07:33 WIB, the price of Brent oil was at US$ 71.45/barrel. Up 2.25% from last weekend’s position. Meanwhile, the short sweet one costs US$ 67.82/barrel. Up 2.35%. Goldman […]

Having Myriad Obstacles, the ‘Apocalypse’ of Indonesian Oil in Front of Eyes!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Oil and gas (oil and gas) is one sector that has an important role in state revenues and the Indonesian economy. But unfortunately now the trend of oil and gas production, especially oil, RI continues to decline from year to year. Likewise with efforts to encourage national oil and gas production, […]

It’s still morning, the price of oil has been flying like this…

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – World oil prices shot up in trading this morning. Understandably, the price of the black gold has fallen for weeks. Prices are already ‘cheap’ to make investors look again and buy oil contracts. On Monday (29/11/2021) at 06:45 WIB, the price of Brent oil was at US$ 74.97/barrel. Up 3.09% compared […]

the United States will draw on its strategic reserves

Published on : 24/11/2021 – 02:54 US President Joe Biden went on the offensive Tuesday by announcing that his country was going to draw heavily on its strategic oil reserves in order to lower the price. He thus hopes to raise his popularity rating at half mast. Rarely, China has joined this initiative, as have […]

US persuades to increase oil production – Russian Foreign Ministry

Фото: Getty Images Sale of oil from reserves did not stop the rise in prices Washington has long called for an increase in oil production to lower prices, but OPEC has refused. In Russia, they say that the United States is persuading a number of countries to increase oil production in order to lower prices […]

‘Bharatayudha War’ OPEC vs America Etc! Who Wins?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The United States (US) is pressuring OPEC+ to produce more oil to cool soaring prices. However, new problems arise when the oil-exporting cartels don’t have much capacity to raise production faster, even when they want to do so now. OPEC+ has actually opened up production curbs made in 2020 when demand […]