6 Laptops Confirmed To Get Windows 11 Update That Will Be Available On October 5th

SUBANG NEWS – Microsoft in its official blog site has stated that the operating system Windows 11 will be officially available on October 5, 2021. Windows 11 offers a new and fresh interface to the users without compromising the user experience. Windows 11 also said to have improved in terms of performance and bring experience […]

The Guardians of the Galaxy represent another villain

Po Lady Hellbender the second villain is coming. Action adventure Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy reveals the great unifier Raker. He is the leader of the Universal Church of Truth, a mysterious organization that intends to bring its so-called “promise” to the entire galaxy. Raker first crossed paths with the Rangers in 2008. But the […]

This is how Tesla wants to improve its AI

San Francisco, Düsseldorf If you weren’t an expert, you needed a translator when Tesla boss Elon Musk started to cheer a few days ago about the new version of his autonomous driving program. The “FSD Beta 9.2” has an “int8 quantization” and a new “VRU model” with “12 percent improvement”, enthused Musk. What the Tesla […]

Intel Ready to Release Homemade GPU to Compete with Nvidia and AMD

On the other hand, Intel also recently announced a new line of laptops in Indonesia that already use the Intel Tiger Lake-H processor. At least, there are five global brands that are certain to use this processor, namely Acer, Asus, HP, Lenovo, and MSI. “To meet the needs of users while playing game nor streaming, […]

Gigabyte Targeted by Ransomware

Jakarta – Gigabyte, the manufacturer of various PC and laptop components, became the target of the attack ransomware. Is the production blocked? Gigabyte is one of several Taiwanese technology companies that have fallen victim to a ransomware attack. This includes Acer, which a few months ago became the target of ransomware. The ransomware attack that […]

FidelityFX Super Resolution is by no means a lancet algorithm

If just applying the traditional Lanczos were enough, similar procedures would have existed in games for many, many years. We also tested FidelityFX Super Resolution The source code of the procedure became public in the middle of the previous month, about which we also reported. There is no particular development regarding the AMD solution, but […]

AMD Radeon RX 6600 XT Tantang RTX 3060

Jakarta – AMD released a new graphics card that will be a challenger RTX 3060 from Nvidia, namely Radeon RX 6600 XT. Despite being called a challenger, the RX 6600 XT is sold at a higher price, which is USD 379, more expensive than the RTX 3060 which costs USD 329. Of course this is […]

New generation of NVIDIA GPUs, GeForce RTX 40xx, is ready [RUMOR]

The new graphics cards must be manufactured in 5nm from TSMC and will not be changed until release It seems that the rumors about the new generation of video cards from NVIDIA, from months ago, may be right, according to the leaker Greymon55. It confirms that Ada Lovelace will be the series GeForce RTX 40xx […]

Reports: Amazon’s new mmo destroys graphics cards

Amazon opened a closed beta test of the upcoming online role-playing game New World for invited players the other day. Some of these have been hit by a troublesome error, reports PC Gamer. Several players with Nvidia’s worsting card Geforce RTX 3090 from the manufacturer EVGA have in fact been affected by the fact that […]

Nintendo Switch OLED Release Soon, Here’s the Price!

Jakarta – Nintendo confirmed that the latest series of Nintendo Switch will be released soon. To be precise, this OLED model will be present on October 8, 2021. As reported by detikINET from Gamespot, Thursday (8/7/2021), after months of rumors circulating in the gamer community. Surprisingly, Nintendo announced the appearance of this console with a […]