A European-American evaluation of Iran’s reaction to the proposed “nuclear offer”.

Brussels (organizations) Events interested in the Iran nuclear application settlement, notably Brussels and Washington, are finding out Iran’s response to an EU proposal to access arrangement in talks to relaunch the 2015 agreement.The European Union, coordinator of the negotiations to relaunch the agreement from which the United States withdrew four decades ago, previous 7 days […]

Iran criticizes the IAEA and will build new nuclear centrifuges | The World | D.W.

The Government of Iran described this Thursday (06.09.2022) as “political” and “unconstructive” the resolution adopted by the UN nuclear watchdog that criticizes it for its lack of cooperation, and announced that it will take “proportional” measures in response, including shutting down surveillance cameras and installing new centrifuges. The Islamic Republic’s announcement comes after the Board […]

Israel does not rule out a strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities

According to Prime Minister Naftali Benet, Tel Aviv does not believe in the success of negotiations with Tehran. They have no power despite the weak position of the West. – Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Benet does not believe in the success of negotiations on a nuclear deal with Iran, which are currently taking place in […]

United States ready to consider “all options” if Iran nuclear deal fails

Although Washington pleads for “a diplomatic solution” to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon, Anthony Blinken stresses however that the United States is ready to consider “all the options”. Asked about the possibility of the use of force, the head of American diplomacy also specifies that “the room for maneuver” to reach an agreement […]

Atomic Energy Agency IAEA is continuing controls in Iran for the time being

– Nuclear deal Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif at a meeting with IAEA chief Rafael Grossi. – (Photo: VIA REUTERS) – – – – Vienna, Tehran The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) can continue controls on the Iranian nuclear program for the time being. IAEA chief Rafael Grossi negotiated this with the Iranian Atomic Energy […]

Biden to discuss Iran nuclear deal with allies

January 21, 2021 – 91 – The White House says Joe Biden to discuss Iran nuclear deal With allied nations Hoping for Iran to limit its nuclear activities And with the abolition of economic sanctions Mrs. Jensaki spokesmanThe white house Revealed that the presidentJoe Biden Will bring issuesIran nuclear deal Come to negotiate with other […]

Discuss Nuclear Issues, Trump Threatens Iran: Don’t F *** With Us Page all

WASHINGTON DC, KOMPAS.com – In an interview with conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh on Friday (9/10/2020), Trump used the harsh “If you fuck around with us” to the government. Iran, as quoted from Newsweek on Friday (9/10/2020). Trump accuses Iran of a militant group of targeting attacks against interests AS in the Middle East and […]

US again imposes sanctions on Iran from nuclear deal | NOW

US President Donald Trump reintroduced all sanctions against Iran on Saturday evening (local time) and made sure that the arms embargo against the country will no longer expire in October. He has made use of this snapback, a mechanism in the deal that can be deployed if Iran does not comply with the rules. Trump […]

UN: Iran has enriched ten times more uranium than allowed in agreement | NOW

Iran has stored ten times as much enriched uranium than agreed in the nuclear accord (JCPOA). The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) of the United Nations reports this in the quarterly report on Friday. Iran enriched 534 kilos of uranium in the past quarter, about the same as in the three months before. In total, […]