One Shin Tae-yong’s wish that PSSI had a hard time answering

MUHAMMAD ALIF AZIZ / BOLASPORT.COM The Indonesian national team coach, Shin Tae-yong, after leading the training session of his foster children at the Madya Stadium, Senayan, Central Jakarta, Friday (14/2/2020). <!– –> BOLASPORT.COM – Coach Indonesian U-19 national team, Shin Tae-yong, has one request that is difficult to grant by PSSI currently. As known, PSSI […]

Communication Still a Problem Elkan Baggott

Split – Assistant coach U-19 Indonesian national team, Nova Arianto, call Elkan Baggott have performed well in the last two matches. However, language is still an obstacle. Elkan was among the 46 players who were called to follow the TC. Defenders follow joining after making their debut with Ipswich Town on 6 October. The joining […]

After the North Macedonia Massacre, There is Good News for the Indonesian U-19 National Team

PSSI Mochammad Supriadi’s action in the 2-1 Indonesian U-19 national team victory over Qatar in Croatia, Thursday (17/9/2020). <!– –> BOLASPORT.COM – Assistant coach Indonesian U-19 national team, Nova Arianto, said the good news that came to the Garuda Muda squad after defeating Northern Macedonia. Nova Arianto said, one of the players Indonesian U-19 national […]