Nio, Aiways, Xiaopeng – China’s e-car manufacturers are conquering Europe

Elektro-SUV Aiways U5 State-of-the-art technology, but poor security values. (Foto: Aiways) Shanghai, Munich When Samuel Fu speaks of Europe, he raves about it. “The European market is booming compared to China,” says the co-founder of the Chinese automaker Aiways. The public charging infrastructure is better and growth is faster. While the subsidy policy is being scaled […]

The hunt for the super battery

Electric car of the future Companies around the world are researching how to improve battery performance. (Foto: Cultura/Getty Images) Düsseldorf Sila Nanotechnologies, Solid Power or Quantumscape – battery start-ups are currently experiencing a real hype. A small announcement is enough and the price skyrockets. Her specialty: the development of more powerful, faster and cheaper batteries. From […]

After Xpeng and Nio: BYD gets fresh money – shares under pressure

The BYD share has seen a strong price rally: In the past 12 months, the electric car manufacturer’s shares have climbed by around 370 percent. After Xpeng and Nio had already used the sharp rise in their shares to carry out a capital increase, BYD has now apparently also raised fresh money on the stock […]

Solid-state batteries, lidar, NIO Adam supercomputing platform…Nio ET7’s “black technology” tricks all point to Tesla_ 东方

Original title: solid-state batteries, lidar, NIO Adam supercomputing platform…Nio ET7’s “black technology”, all tricks are directed at Tesla January 9, 2020Wei LaiNIO Day 2020 was held in Chengdu,Wei LaiAuto’s first self-driving model, the smart electric flagship sedan ET7, has earned a lot of attention as soon as it was released. In addition to the expensive […]

Weilai said: the overall order for delivery of 43,728 electric vehicles in 2020 is stable

Original title: Weilai said: Delivery of 43,728 electric vehicles in 2020, overall orders are stable January 3,Wei LaiAuto announced the delivery data for December 2020 and the whole year.Wei LaiThe total delivery volume in 2020 will reach 43,728 vehicles.YoYAn increase of 112.6%. Data Display,Wei LaiA total of 7007 new cars were delivered in December,Chain ratioAn […]

I buy the electric car but rent the batteries

ROMA – The Chinese electric car manufacturer Nio has launched a new sales option for its electric cars that does not include the simultaneous sale of the battery, which will then be rented. Using the “Battery as a Service” (BaaS) offering now introduced, customers will be able to purchase the Nio ES8, ES6 or EC6 […]