The whisper bar revival in New York

New York In the distance, the Chrysler Building sparkles through the New York night, garbage bags and cardboard boxes are piled up on a gloomy side street in Manhattan. An inconspicuous dark gray door in the shadow of a metal grille bears the letters “AB”. It must be here. There’s no handle, and the knock […]

[사회]Weekend club, quarantine guidelines are’another world’…

Club’busy’ from the early morning of the weekend… Find the open club at 5 am The club’s internal quarantine rules’Messy’… It’s basic to dance while attached Take off your mask and share smoking and drinking glasses… No one is holding back Restaurants near downtown are not allowed to gather more than 5 people [앵커] On […]

Tito’s on Mallorca – dance temple with a lot of tradition

At night it has become quiet on Palma’s promenade and nightlife mile Paseo Marítimo. The bars are closed. It is also quiet in Tito’s. No queues with dressed up party people wait in front of the entrance on the red carpet of the night club, which sticks to the old coastal rock. On New Year’s […]

Shaky reading – Dagbladet

The verdict against Gaute Drevdal is crushing. The former Night & Day and Smug editor, concert organizer, festival staff member, DJ, musician, producer and nightlife king is a well-known name and face for anyone who has been close to the capital’s nightlife for the past 25 years. Drevdal has organized the hippest parties, gathered the […]

Corona and party – Solberg warns after party weekend

– It is good that the municipality of Oslo is watching, and I hope that they respond clearly in case of breach of the recommendations, says Solberg to Dagbladet. The backdrop is the two previous party nets there the police have had to log several incidents of order matters, fights and arguments. Night to Saturday […]

Movida, Trastevere and Ponte Milvio: chaos and gatherings – Il Messaggero

Movida, Trastevere and Ponte Milvio: chaos and gatherings Il Messaggero Ponte Milvio, shouts and fights: the sequel to via Riano Vigna Clara Blog Proof of normality, the Roman nightlife returns to Ponte Milvio TG2000 Movida in Rome, from Trastevere to Ponte Milvio is chaos: few masks and distances Il Messaggero 1000 agents for anti-nightlife controls […]

Palina Rojinski: From competitive sports to the big screen

Updated April 21, 2020, 10:42 am As a child, Palina Rojinski was a successful competitive athlete. She is now a well-known presenter and actress. The red-haired beauty celebrates her 35th birthday on April 21. You have to know about them. © spot on news Palina Rojinski was born in 1985 in Leningrad, now Saint Petersburg. […]

VIDEO: Police are looking for witnesses to major fighting in The Hague

The fight on the Lange Houtstraat started Friday morning around 3.30 a.m. Dozens of young people stood outside at Danzig when several fights started. The images show that several people dealt blows and that one person was kicked several times against his head after he had been knocked to the ground. The police tried to […]