What were and how were the Master Cup and the Nicolás Leoz Cup played?

The current panorama of the glasses in South America – and also in the world – is well-off. The layout seems coherent and attractive: two main tournaments, the Liberators cup and the South American Cup; another that the winner of both play, the Recopa; and the Suruga Bank, against the champion of Japan, perhaps the […]

Bygmalion trial. Six months in prison required against Nicolas Sarkozy

A one-year prison sentence including a six-month suspended sentence and a € 3,750 fine were requested on Thursday against Nicolas sarkozy, tried before the Paris Criminal Court for the overspending of his 2012 presidential campaign. At the end of a two-part indictment, prosecutors underlined the “Total casually” of the former head of state in managing […]

Nicolás Gonzálvez, appointed new director of the Credit and Finance Institute

MURCIA. The Governing Council has approved the appointment of Nicolás Gonzálvez Gallego as director of the Institute of Credit and Finance of the Region of Murcia, a public business entity of the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Digital Administration. The Governing Council of the @regiondemurcia today approved my appointment as Director of the @ICREFRM, in […]

David Morales dances on television in Venezuela before Nicolás Maduro

The dancer David morales, from La Línea de la Concepción, appeared last Monday on Venezuelan television together with the president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro. The artist, after an affectionate presentation by the president and explaining his current projects, proceeded to carry out a impromptu dance in honor of women on the occasion of 8-M. Maduro […]

schedule and how to watch your Doha debut

Between January 31, 2020 and March 10, 2021, more than 400 days passed. That is what the tennis world had to wait to see again on a court to Roger Federer. Federer returns. Getty The 39-year-old Swiss played his last match on the circuit in the 2020 Australian Open semi-final and will make his comeback […]

Case of eavesdropping. Why Nicolas Sarkozy will not go to prison

The 32e correctional chamber pronounced uNo sentence of three years in prison, including two accompanied by a simple suspension, against Nicolas Sarkozy and his co-defendants, in the case of “wiretapping”. All immediately announced their intention to appeal. And came out free from the court. He did not issue a committal warrant and the prison sentence […]