Matthew Stafford is tinkering with his own NFL legacy

It’s finally done: After 13 years in the NFL, Matthew Stafford has won his first playoff game. The quarterback of the Los Angeles Rams previously dominated the headlines, after years of sadness in Detroit and a mixed regular season there were a number of doubts about his postseason suitability. These will now be cleared for […]

Los Angeles Rams beat Arizona to advance to NFL playoff second round

After Cincinnati and Buffalo on Saturday, San Francisco, Tampa Bay and Kansas City on Sunday, the Los Angeles Rams have in turn qualified for the second round of the NFL play-offs. They easily dismissed the Arizona Cardinals (34-11) on Monday at home, thanks in particular to a good display of their defense. After a quarter, […]

What do teams need to qualify for the playoffs in Week 18?

We review what each of the teams that is still alive in contention requires to access the NFL playoffs Of the 14 postseason tickets that are divided between the two Conferences of the NFL, 11 already have an owner. In the AFC, two of the invitees to the playoffs remain to be known, while in […]

The moment of truth for Matthew Stafford in the playoffs

Matthew Stafford is facing the most important game for him as a Los Angeles Rams player. LOS ANGELES — In Monday Night’s postseason opener, the Los Angeles Rams will look for their first win of the current playoffs when they host their division rival Arizona Cardinals. Matt Stafford, who joined as the new franchise quarterback […]

Green Bay, Tampa Bay and Kansas City are NFL playoff favorites

Tampa Bay candidate for the double but diminished The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, defending champions, have Tom Brady with them. For that alone, they are among the favorites to win the Super Bowl again. And there is also Rob Gronkowski, Brady’s faithful companion. In the play-offs, the two friends get along like thieves in the fair. […]