Resignation besides expulsion – last minute news

KONCUK: I AM NOT ADDICTED Adana Deputy İsmail Koncuk announced his resignation at the press conference held with Özdağ in the Assembly yesterday and said: “We conveyed our opinions and demands to our President, but we did not get any positive results. GOOD The party is not being well managed. The moral is to end […]

Last minute: New era in real estate in 10 items

A new era begins for citizens who will buy, sell or lease houses, land and businesses, and real estate agents. The Regulation on the Amendment of the Regulation on Real Estate Trade was published in the Official Gazette. Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan, with the amendment of the regulation on real estate trade, real estate Stating […]

It was Roman, it came true! Elected 4 times wrestling master, hosted by mayors, defrauded FETO members, caught leaving the prosecutor’s room

One of the masters of Turkish literature Orhan Kemalof a character named Kudret Yanardağ in the books Inspectors Inspector and Üçkâğıtçı. fraud adventures are told. In these two books, written in the late 1960s, it is mentioned how the main character, Kudret Yanardağ, wandered around Anatolia from city to city and defrauded officials and notables. […]

The reason for excessive rainfall in Giresun: ‘Charlie Brown’ clouds

Meteorology expert Prof. Dr. Orhan Sen, Giresunoccurring in cell Evaluating his disaster, he said: “The precipitation seen in this region during these months is in line with the seasonal norms of the rainfall type. The severity of precipitation has also become a seasonal norm. It is not correct to explain these precipitation in terms of […]

Where is that letter? – Breaking news

Pehlivan, who came from Muğla to meet with Güleda, first beat Güleda, then tried to strangle her, and finally stabbed her to death. After he surrendered to the police, a letter came out of his pocket. In the letter, “I wrote to scare Güleada. I’m leaving now, but not alone. You compelled me to choose […]

Thousands of fish hit the shore in Küçükçekmece Lake …

İstanbul Küçükçekmece Lakein the morning of the previous day fish deaths happened. Mass fish deaths on the coastline on the Avcılar side of the lake disturbed the residents of the neighborhood. Some citizens shared their fish deaths on the lake by viewing them on their mobile phones. Upon the increase of fish deaths and incoming […]

Breaking news … Abortion that kills! Matched with brother-in-law DNA

EVENT last occurred on October 17. FS, the mother of two, wanted to end her pregnancy for 6 weeks and 1 day. For the procedure, a search for a practice was started. Serkan Çimen, brother-in-law of the FS (48), previously known Dr.. He contacted with Yelda Erbıyık (33). Dr. at that time in the state […]

Ministry of Health suggested: What to eat at breakfast before the exam

“The most important meal for students is breakfast. A breakfast that provides sufficient energy and nutrients should include cheese and eggs (keeping you full for a long time), a few slices of bread, molasses, tahini, olives, and tomatoes, green pepper, cucumber, parsley or fruit from vegetables that are suitable for the season. In addition, nuts, […]