On the third day of the Lunar New Year, Blizzard’s games were completely shut down in China. Players drank “Blizzard Green Tea” and set up a “Blizzard Mourning Hall” to criticize Blizzard | 4Gamers

On the third day of the Lunar New Year, at midnight on January 24th, Beijing time, Blizzard Entertainment’s games in China were officially suspended, including “World of Warcraft”, “Diablo 3”, “Overwatch 2”, “Hearthstone” “, “Blizzard Heroes”, also symbolized the complete termination of the memories of millions of Chinese players in the 15 years since 2008. […]

Blizzard’s national server officially discontinued. Netease issued a service suspension announcement: looking forward to meeting with players again_Cooperation_Game_Both Sides

Original Title: Blizzard’s National Service Officially Stops NetEase’s Announcement: Looking forward to seeing you again Cover news reporter Fu Wenchao On January 23, NetEase released the announcement “NetEase’s Farewell Letter to Blizzard National Server Players: Thank You for 14 Years”, officially announcing the suspension of Blizzard games. At 0:00 on January 24, 2023, “World of […]

The Chinese destroy a giant World of Warcraft statue in protest

Good morning. China’s NetEase’s nasty breakup with Blizzard. Epic Games Store is giving away an interesting game. Starfield release date very soon. The success of The Last of Us series. Sit back and enjoy our regular column at breakfast, on the way to work or at any other time Briefly. Every weekday morning at 5:30 […]

The interactive plot masterpiece “Detroit: Become Human” sold more than 8 million sets, and Quantic Dream’s new work is still squatting | 4Gamers

Following “Rainstorm” and “Beyond: Two Souls”, Quantic Dream’s “Detroit: Become Human” (Detroit: Become Human) launched in 2018 has become a masterpiece among interactive story games. Five months have passed since the game was released. At the beginning of the year, the sales volume has officially exceeded 8 million sets. According to Quantic Dream Twitter, “Detroit: […]

China Blizzard posted a post on Weibo, saying that NetEase is unwilling to extend the contract and requires players to download and save data by themselves | 4Gamers

China Blizzard today (17th) published an announcement on Weibo, reporting the latest progress after the separation from Netease, and rushed to the top of Weibo’s hot search. Blizzard explained two key points in the article. First, after the breakup announcement, they still had negotiations with NetEase, hoping to extend the previous contract with NetEase for […]

Riot Games sues NetEase, Hyper Front accused of plagiarism of value

Liputan6.com, Jakarta – Game developer Riot Games has sued NetEase and charged mobile game made by Chinese technology company Hyper Front, it copies several aspects of Value. Reported Law360as quoted by EngadgetOn Monday (12/12/2022), Riot Games described Hyper Front as “a copy of an important part Value.” Riot also stated that in addition to being […]

World of Warcraft Mobile Game Canceled on Android and iOS

KOMPAS.com – World of Warcraft Mobile confirmed to cancel visiting Android and iOS smartphone users. Financial disagreement between Activision Blizzard and NetEase is said to be the reason for the crash of the game development process. NetEase is said to have disbanded the team of 100 developers working on World of Warcraft Mobile. Among hundreds […]