Aishwarya Lakshmi and actor Arjun Das in love?; Photos as discussion

Aishwarya Lakshmi talks about her love. The actress also released a photo with her boyfriend. Rumors about this are spreading in the Tamil-Telugu media. Arguments started when the young Tamil actor shared a photo with Arjun Das on social media of him. The actor also shared a heart emoji. Within minutes of sharing the post, […]

Rebirth of the Mazda “rotary engine”, why now? At the mercy of regulations and management rationalizations, the rotary fire that Mazda protected – AUTOCAR JAPAN

revival of the rotary engine mazdaMazda Europe, Mazda’s European subsidiary, will present the “MX-30“We will unveil the range extender to the world for the first time. A range extender is a type of EV (electric vehicle) equipped with an engine or other prime mover dedicated to a generator to extend cruising range. Mazda Europe will […]

‘Argentina, 1985’ wins the Golden Globe: what is the film about? | – Culture

Status: 01/11/2023 08:30 Santiago Miter broke records in his home country with his legal thriller ‘Argentina, 1985’. The drama, starring Ricardo Darín, won the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film. It was shown at the Hamburg Film Festival in autumn 2022. von Patricia Batlle Director Santiago Miter (left) and actor Ricardo Darín during the […]

Al-Hara Jordanian film… controversial swear words!

Tell me – The Jordanian film Al-Hara, the Circle, set in a neighborhood dominated by gossip and violence east of the capital Amman, has caused a lot of controversy because it contains obscene words. Social media platforms were buzzing with discussions about the film’s content and the message to be conveyed by it, between a […]

For the fourth week… Avatar continues to dominate the US box office (video)

For the fourth consecutive week, James Cameron’s ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ continued to lead the box office in North American theaters this past weekend, with sales of nearly $45 million. According to the numbers of the specialist company “Experience Relationships”, the science fiction film produced by the company “20th Century” has made domestic profits […]

‘Dune 2’ Sci-Fi Movie Actor Facts Blake Nelson Joins Crew – yqqlm

Original Title: ‘Dune 2’ Science Fiction Movie Actor News Blake Nelson Joins Crew 1905 Movie NewsThe much-watched sci-fi flick has revealed a new piece of news about the actor. It is understood that the actor who once had an outstanding performance in “The Wonderful Idea of ​​​​​​Guillermo del Toro” has successfully joined the troupe. Though […]