Mass lawsuits cause upheaval in the legal system

Cologne The euphoria was great when the law was passed two and a half years ago. The model declaratory action is a “milestone” for customer rights, the consumer association cheered. The then Federal Minister of Justice Katarina Barley (SPD) praised the new legal remedy as a huge step forward. Finally, the minister announced, consumers could […]

Agent Orange: Tran To Nga’s last fight against Monsanto | Europe | DW

Tran To Nga’s daughters would prefer if she moved in with one of them, one of whom lives in Vietnam and the other in Australia. Because of the pandemic, the diseases that plague them and, yes, also because of their age. The Franco-Vietnamese celebrated her 79th birthday in April. But moving away from France is […]

Glyphosate lawsuits: Bayer’s billion dollar deal still harbors these risks

AWhen Bayer CEO Werner Baumann announced the great liberation for the group this week, he could not hide his anger for a brief moment. Although he was relieved that a comparison with the majority of the plaintiffs’ lawyers had now been found, the CEO said in a conference call with journalists. “But the fact that […]

Is the Roundup weed killer harmless to humans? – Garden – House

The State Plant Protection Service (VAAD) believes that the possible association of the company’s product with cancer will not affect the use of these products in Europe and Latvia. Meanwhile, environmentalists stress the need to review and reduce the use of pesticides and herbicides. Roundup contains one of the most popular herbicides – glyphosate, which […]

Why the comparison of glyphosate could be dangerous for Bayer

Düsseldorf, New York June 24, 2020 will go down in Bayer history as the day on which the table was cleared after the takeover of the controversial Monsanto group. It took the US attorneys a good ten months to negotiate the $ 10 billion settlement with the glyphosate plaintiffs. But it didn’t stop there: Bayer […]

Interview with Bayer CEO Werner Wenning

Mr. Wenning, you started as an apprentice at Bayer in 1966. Tuesday is your last day as Chairman of the Supervisory Board. What is the pain of parting after 54 years? Georg Meck Responsible editor for business and “Money & More” of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung. There is already a portion of melancholy. Bayer has […]

Glyphosate dispute: comparison accepted! Bayer pays EUR 35.8 million – my money

Agreement in the lawsuit of millions in the USA! Bayer agrees on a settlement in the United States in the dispute over allegedly misleading advertising for weed killers containing the active ingredient glyphosate. The German agrochemical and pharmaceutical company agreed to pay $ 39.6 million, according to court documents on Monday (local time). The process […]