Does Instagram harm teenagers? Oxford researchers call for transparency – economy

from Simon Hurtz, Berlin Open detailed view— These applications all belong to the powerful Facebook group that is now called Meta: Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp. (Photo: Richard Drew/AP) — 13 percent of British teenagers who have suicidal thoughts cite Instagram as a trigger. The platform exacerbates negative self-perception in a third of girls who feel […]

all for the sake of protection – UNIAN

The company has launched protection against “porn plums”, for which you need to partially upload your pictures to the network in advance – on a special platform. Meta invites users to create digital prints of their intimate photos to protect against “porno” / photo REUTERS – Meta Platforms, Inc. (former Facebook, Inc.), together with the […]

Features of Apple’s first VR and AR headset revealed

Expected at the end of 2022, Apple’s first headset combining augmented and virtual realities should be equipped with two micro Oled 4K displays and the M1 chip power already present in the new Macbooks. – You will also be interested [EN VIDÉO] Apple Glass: everything we know about Apple’s future augmented reality glasses Apple Glass, […]

WhatsApp Reportedly Testing New Feature in Audio Message Playback

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – WhatsApp is reportedly working on a feature that will speed up voicemail while it’s being played back. This feature will work in a similar way to voice recordings in general, which can be sped up to 1.5x or 2x when played back. Voice messages are basically voice recordings that are forwarded or […]

Messenger and Instagram Will Get End-to-end Encryption in 2023

Jakarta – Meta — parent company Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp — will roll out end-to-end encryption by default for Facebook Messenger and Instagram in 2023. In a blog post in May, Meta initially said Messenger and Instagram would get end-to-end encryption protection by default in 2022. But the latest update from Head of Safety Meta […]

Mark Zuckerberg Shows Gloves That Can Touch Virtual Objects

PR DEPOK – Mark Zuckerberg recently showed a glove haptic sophisticated technology made by the company he developed. Zuckerberg, as CEO of the company Meta uploaded a portrait of himself trying on a glove which he claims will erase the boundaries between real and virtual worlds. Meta indeed are trying to remove the barrier between […]

Meta: Facebook renames its applications

Following the announcements of Marck Zuckerberg concerning the future of Facebook Inc, its vision and positioning around the metaverse (read our article), the CEO announced Meta. So we expected to see our favorite apps change a bit and see the mention Facebook disappear. It’s done on the group’s social applications (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram). The logo […]

Lack of Users, Instagram Turns Off Messages Application Threads

Jakarta – In 2019 Instagram launched Threads, a standalone messaging app without being part of the Instagram app like Facebook Messenger. But unfortunately the Threads app will no longer be available until the end of 2021. This was confirmed by Instagram’s parent company Meta as reported by detikINET from The Verge. The Threads app will […]

Meta (Facebook) gives more information on its haptic glove

Le Reality Labs de Meta (ex-Facebook) a published an article to detail the functionalities of its haptic glove (haptics designates the sensation of touch in virtual environments). Since Facebook has changed its name, the social network has revealed more and more elements of its progress in virtual reality that could enrich its metaverse. The idea […]

Instagram Wants To Close Threads Self Messaging Service, Jakarta – Instagram’s standalone messaging service, Threads, will close at the end of 2021. Based on Meta confirmation to Tech Crunch, the app will display a notification asking users to return to Instagram starting November 23. Initial idea Threads is to present a separate messaging app similar to Facebook Messenger. Quotes The Verge, Thursday […]