Ryanair: says goodbye to the London Stock Exchange, Brexit effect – Economy

Ryanair’s management is considering a farewell to the London Stock Exchange as a result of a “significant reduction in trade” during the year and in line with a “general trend in trading on shares of EU companies after Brexit”. This is stated in a note which states that “Euronext Dublin’s primary listing on the regulated […]

Prof. Asen Baltov: Green certificate for the deputies as well

Prof. Asen Baltov Staff: Nova TV “It is right to have a green certificate for the deputies, it is not obligatory, but it is recommended,” Prof. Asen Baltov told Nova tv. According to him, there is currently chaos in the management of the health crisis. “The authorities slept all summer, when an information campaign for […]

Great and unsettling: the Pentagon first appreciates Chinese hypersonic weapons

General Mark Millie The American defense department considers China’s achievements in this area to be outstanding, which greatly worries the US military leadership. The Pentagon called the test of China’s hypersonic weapons “an outstanding event”, which is “very worrisome” for the United States. General Mark Milli, head of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, said […]

Ukraine supported the creation of a consortium for GTS management

Photo: Sergey Makogon / Facebook Ukraine is ready to create an international consortium for GTS management An international consortium can guarantee the availability of gas transit, although there are Ukrainian specialists to manage the GTS. The head of the company GTS Operator of Ukraine Serhiy Makogon said that Ukraine supports the idea of ​​creating an […]

In Kharkiv, students demand that the university comply with the quarantine requirements

Photo: Correspondent.net Students went on strike in Kharkiv Students of Kharkiv Polytechnic went on strike – they say that many of the teachers are sick with COVID-19, and the leadership is silent about this. Students of the Kharkov Polytechnic Institute went on strike since October 29. About it informs Telegram channel KhPI Students on Tuesday, […]

With the dollar on the rise, this is Bank of America forecast for Argentina

A new report from the entity focuses on growth and assesses the impact of a possible agreement with the International Monetary Fund The Argentine economy will close this year with an increase of 7,3% and inflation will be above the 50%, as predicted by the Bank of America, which in turn estimated that the Government […]

They rescue a citizen who fell while climbing a rocky mountain

Yesterday, in the afternoon, members of the “Alférez Portinari” Group and High Mountain Special Group, dependent on Squadron 28 “Tunuyán”, were alerted about the accident of a man when he was carrying out climbing activities in the sector called “Chorro de la Vieja”, in the province of Mendoza. Immediately, the officials They approached the place […]