Apple is Developing a Touch Screen MacBook

Jakarta: At the launch of the MacBook in October 2010, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs had stated that the touch surface did not want to be vertically oriented, because it could not function optimally and was not ergonomically pleasing. Apple has reportedly gone through a lot of changes since then, although it hasn’t yet launched a […]

Does Apple introduce a touch-screen MacBook Pro?

And for a company that has made it clear that touch is better on a product like the iPad, a touchscreen MacBook would be a big change, but don’t expect a huge departure from Apple’s traditional laptop design, and the so-called touchscreen MacBook Pro will likely remain. macOS includes a standard keyboard and trackpad, but […]

Apple Presenting Touch Screen Macbook 2025?

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Apple reportedly working on Mac computers and Macbook Pro touch screen (touch screen) after years of insisting reluctant to apply it. What caused Apple to change its mind? Touch screen technology is nothing new in the computer sector. Several other companies such as Dell and Lenovo have applied it in their […]

Touchscreens may be on their way to the Macbook

According to information to Bloomberg so Apple should look at adding touchscreens to its Macs. The first computer that can get a touch screen is said to be a Macbook Pro with an OLED screen that could be released until 2025. Otherwise, the design is said to be similar to previous Macbooks. It is worth […]

Apple Inc is developing a touchscreen Mac and will release it in 2025

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Apple Inc. is reportedly developing touch screen capabilities for its line of Mac computers. Reuters, citing a Bloomberg News report on Thursday, reported that touchscreen Macs would launch as early as 2025. The touchscreen feature will be an upgrade for the MacBook Pro lineup, according to the report. Apple has not yet […]

[Mac]Explain how to crop an image in Preview! – OTTONA LIFE

Macs have apps that are useful for viewing images, photos, and documents like PDFs. The app is called “”, but “” is not just a navigation app. Image editing, especially cropping. [Mac]How to crop an image with Many PC users choose Mac over Windows for a variety of reasons. There are many things, such […]