Epic Games Store is giving away 15 games and hosting a big sale

The Epic Games company is once again patting itself in the pocket and is giving away free games to this Christmas Epic Games Store. The giveaway started yesterday and will run until 12/29. Daily you can add to your library a game. You will always have time for 24 hours (5-5pm our time). The first […]

Another point of view: The Witcher 3 next-gen without next-gen hardware

I’ve always been of the opinion that as long as something works the way it is, there’s no need to change it. I’ve always applied this view to computers and hardware, which is why I still haven’t thrown out my old monitor with the now obscure 16:10 aspect ratio, and why my PC doesn’t get […]

Speech jammer arrested by creators of Elden Ring

The event lasted all evening (in our case, in the morning). The game rewards 2022 in a pleasant spirit with a minimum of fuss and was full of pleasant surprises. Except for one, which happened at the end of the Game of the Year winners’ speech. At the end of the speech, an intruder appeared […]

Diablo 4 date leaked early from Microsoft Store

Already on Friday after two in the morning we will see a new trailer compared to the expected one Devil 4, which should reveal the release date. But Geoff Keighley, producer and host of The Game Awards, will probably have to do without a surprise. The date on which the fourth Diablo will be released […]

Time has compiled a list of the best games of 2022

The American weekly Time, which is one of the most famous magazines in the world, has published a list of the best games of 2022. The first two places were dominated by PlayStation exclusives. It’s weird after them. It seems classification according to the preferences of the editors, they call it the most popular games. […]

The Witcher remake will be set in an open world

A month ago, the CD Projekt RED studio made many fans happy notification a real remake of the first Sorcerer since 2007, which the creators are preparing Seven: The distant days from the Fool’s Theory study. So the Polish creators declared it it will take some time before we know specific details about the projectand […]

Star Trek returns as a cooperative shooter

Starship Troopers returns to the world of video games as co-op first person shooter. Hra Starship Troopers: Extermination is inspired by the 1997 cult film and challenges 12 players to defend themselves against an overwhelming force of dangerous insects. The title is being prepared by a Canadian company extraterrestrial industrieswhich underpins the first-person tactical action […]

A Slovakian GTA set in the city of Martin is born

If successful, two action-adventure games with an open world in the style of Grand Theft Auto will be created in Slovakia in the future. The first with a title Vivat Slovakia we’ve known for a long time, it takes place in a smaller version of Bratislava during the wild 90s and the atmosphere can remind […]