Marie Antoinette’s intimate letters decoded –

Photo: Marie Antoinette with a rose, Elisabeth Vigee-Lebrun, 1783 Experts found out what words were shaded in the Queen’s correspondence with the Swedish Count Axel von Fersen. Scientists managed to read the shaded words from the intimate correspondence between Marie Antoinette and the Swedish Count Axel von Fersen, one of the Queen’s closest friends. […]

Antihumanism (s). Forms, reflections and representations. Literature and cinema. Europe – United States

University of Paris (5 rue Thomas Mann, 75013). Flour Hall, Thesis room 580F Antihumanisme(s) Forms, reflections and representations (literature and cinema)Europe – United States – Canada / Latin America This international conference follows on from those organized at the end of November 2020: “From postmodernism to posthumanism. Literature and Cinema ”and“ From postmodernism to posthumanism. […]

This is why criminal Brian can have an Instagram profile

The imprisoned Brian, known as “Carlos”, becomes an object of art. To do this, he communicates with artists through letters and personal meetings. Ben, Sabrina and Tobibienz from #BigDreams explain how communication with Brian works. – Ad the essentials in brief A group of artists helps Brian post letters on Instagram. Now the artists […]


I, I hold myself hostage in your armsI, I know I could leave whenever I wantAnd I see the way you look at me in the nightAnd I know you know that something isn’t right I’ve been telling myselfTo love myself before I love youBut I needed your help, I needed your helpJust to pull […]

YOU CAN HAVE IT Letra Chelsea Cutler Cancion de Musica Lyrics

I got ideas of you and me on my mind And we got two nights down on the lower Eastside We got Don Julio, some Diet Coke A couple joints that we could smoke ‘Cause you and me, we got nothing, baby, but time (All the time, yeah, all the) I’ve been drinking, wasn’t thinking […]

Music in the Sarmiento | culture Ministry

What is? Nacho Costa previews some of his own songs that will be included in his next album “En tu cuerpo”. In addition, it includes versions of classic tangos, folklore, Rio de la Plata music and some by Argentine composers such as LA Spinetta, Charly García, among others. When? Wednesday, August 4 – 7 p.m. […]

What Brian’s Instagram letters reveal about him

Criminal Brian speaks out via Instagram with letters from solitary confinement. A graphologist explains what his handwriting reveals about him. Brian’s writing says a lot about him. – Screenshot SRF / Instagram @mein_name_ist_brian Ad the essentials in brief Brian K. published letters from his solitary confinement. This with the help of a group of activists. […]

Letra de Feels Good de Austin Millz feat. Teedra Moses & Dave B.

Letra de Feels Good de Austin Millz feat. Teedra Moses & Dave B. I’m out here on my shit tonight And that’s quite alright And if it ain’t Can’t be worried bout nothing now can I Feeling hella right tonight And I’m looking good I got a whole new state of mind And it’s understood […]