Trump goes down when Republicans also approve of impeachment

Senate Representative McConal may also approve of 10 lawmakers.Handling before Trump’s tenure is difficultTrump only mentions criticism of violence instead of criticism of impeachmentPelosi also appeared in mourning fashion [아시아경제 뉴욕=백종민 특파원] U.S. President Donald Trump faced a situation of passing an impeachment prosecution a week before the end of his term. President Trump is […]

Incumbent Japanese lawmaker Corona died… South African mutant infections

In Japan, an incumbent lawmaker died from Corona 19. While the spread of Corona 19 in Japan is getting stronger, a mutant virus from South Africa has also been confirmed, following a mutant virus from the UK. Reporter Kim Young-ah on the report. Rep. Yuichiro Hata of the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan died suddenly […]

[실시간 e뉴스] Pfizer vaccinated nurse fainting during live broadcast

It is a real-time e-news that takes a look at the news that became hot topics on the Internet overnight. I have read many articles in the United States that a nurse who received the Corona 19 vaccine was fainting. This woman, who works as a head nurse at a hospital in Tennessee, USA, was […]