Lady Victoria Hervey participates in the christening ceremony of her nephew.

Lady Victoria Hervey, the British socialite and fashion designer, recently attended her nephew’s christening ceremony. As a member of the British aristocracy, Lady Victoria is well-known for her impeccable fashion sense and her attendance at high-profile events. With her nephew’s christening being such a significant family occasion, Lady Victoria made sure to dress to impress […]

Inventory / 7 years of entanglement with the star, a turmoil and thinness into skin and bones, Bai Xinhui and a tens of billions of rich businessmen take over the mountains and become a noble lady|Entertainment| CTWANT

Before the actress Liao Jiayi shared a photo of her and a wealthy female star married to a wealthy Hong Kong businessman, the outside world saw that some Taiwanese actresses also settled in Hong Kong after marrying a wealthy family in China, and then faded out of the entertainment industry Noble actress. For example, Bai […]

Megawati codes on POI-P anniversary, support for Puan and satire on Jokowi?

JAKARTA, – The celebration of the 50th birthday of the POI Perjuangan on Tuesday (10/1/2023) ended in disappointment due to the President General Megavati Soekarnoputri has yet to announce the PDI-P presidential candidate. Even if the riddle hasn’t been solved, Megavati’s speech for about two hours it was still interesting to watch. In his […]

At 57, model Paulina Porizkova poses in her panties on Instagram

Photo posted on Paulina Porizkova’s Instagram account on Wednesday, January 4, 2023. Instagram/@paulinaporizkov The Czech-born model shows off topless on social networks to celebrate New Year’s and says she feels “finally comfortable in her own skin” at 57. “The new year is opening wide. I welcome it naked. Because I have nothing to hide. I’m […]

Apache, the Parisian gangs of New York with Alice Isaaz and Niels Schneider

Par Louis Delafon Posted 2 hours ago, Update 2 hours ago Romain Quirot’s second feature plunges into these hordes of outlaws who sowed terror with impunity in Paris during the Belle Époque. Paris, 1900. From Montmartre to Ménilmontant, the capital is prey to ultra-violent gangs that reign in terror: the Apache. Ready to do anything […]

Farouk Flux criticizes the revival of “My Beautiful Lady” and recommends Ahmed El-Sakka

Artist, Farouk Flux has criticized artist Ahmed El-Sakka’s idea of ​​re-presenting the show ‘My Beautiful Lady’, starring the late Shweikar and Fouad Al-Mohandes, during the Riyadh season where he will co-star Reem Mustafa. Flux who participated in the original version of the play said during the remarks brought by ‘An-Nahar’ that the play presented in […]

Jake Gyllenhaal and Jeanne Cadieu make a rare appearance holding hands in New York

Annabelle de Cazanove couple Published 8 hours ago, Update 6 hours ago Jake Gyllenhaal and Jeanne Cadieu attend the premiere of The Innocent during the 75th edition of the Cannes Film Festival. (May 24, 2022.) Abaca The actor of The Brokeback Mountain Secret (2005) and the French model strolled through New York’s SoHo neighborhood on […]

Watch .. A shocking answer from the announcer of the program “Madam” regarding her expectations for Al-Akhdar’s match with Argentina

Al-Marsad newspaper: “Audi Al-Zaben”, the host of the “My Lady” program broadcast on the “Rotana Gulf” channel, asked her colleague “Roaa Rayan” about her expectations for the Saudi match against Argentina in World Cup 2022, and the latter’s response was shocking. Where “Ryan” said: “I’m always with Saudi Arabia, but when Argentina play, I’m against […]