Singer Sia in an interview about her film “Music”

Sia Furler, born on December 18, 1975 in Adelaide, began her career as a singer in her mid-twenties. Their first album was released in 1997, followed by their second three years and a move to London later. Beyond her homeland, however, the great success did not take place for a long time, so that at […]

Billie Piper says Kylie Minogue is engaged to Paul Solomons | NOW

Kylie Minogue is getting married, says Billie Piper in the British IT. The actress tells in the magazine that she once passed out and was taken to hospital by a man who she says is the Australian singer’s fiancé. Minogue and Solomons have not yet confirmed that they are getting married. Piper once succumbed to […]

‘Robbie Williams has big plans for a new duet with Kylie Minogue’ | NOW

Robbie Williams has, after the first collaboration Kids from 2000, recorded another duet with Kylie Minogue. The British singer has according to Daily Star big plans with the song, which he wants to release as a single. “I recorded a song with Kylie Minogue. I have big plans for it if she feels like it,” […]

‘It Must Have Been Love’ y ‘Real Groove’, lo nuevo de Danna Pa

‘2020’ Rawayana Available on: iTunes, YouTube and Spotify VMÁS RATING: 8/10 We were finally able to say goodbye to 2020 and to close that cycle and start a new one in 2021, the Rawayana collective had the fantastic idea of ​​bringing together great artists who, in turn, are great friends; It is about Lolita De […]

Kylie Minogue taps pandemic antidote on new album: …

Disco is alive. In the Year of the Plague, the genre that made glitter shorts and bushy chests socially acceptable gets its well-deserved revival. As an antidote, while waiting for the vaccine. Young boys like Dua Lipa already gave the cross, now nice aunt Kylie Minogue (52) heads him in from the opposite corner. With […]