Orthostatic hypotension, ‘Valsalva maneuver’ increases diagnosis rate – Korea Times

▶ Valsalva technique, heart rate and blood pressure measurement while breathing with abdominals Diagnosing orthostatic hypotension with the Valsalva maneuver. [고려대 안암병원 제공] A study has found that the diagnosis rate of orthostatic hypotension can be increased with the ‘Valsalva maneuver’, which measures changes in heart rate and blood pressure while breathing through the stomach. […]

Are all fats bad for your health? “It’s just a misunderstanding”

▶ Work and Health – 10 Myths About Food and Nutrition ▶ The nutritional value of fresh fruits and vegetables and canned food is the same… Do not obsess over calorie counting, but develop overall healthy eating habits Does soy milk increase breast cancer risk? Are fat-free foods healthier than high-fat foods? Are vegans short […]

[의학카페] “Don’t touch your face with your hands”

▶ Indispensable to prevent flu infection… Wash your hands as often as possible What’s the best way to deal with a flu outbreak? Experts have pointed out that refraining from touching your face with your hands is a great help in preventing flu infection. In a situation where “Triple Demic” such as Corona 19, influenza […]

Purple fingers, laughing tongue, hair loss… Corona symptoms?

▶ Eye pain, rashes and red spots on the face and lips ▶ Is a virus the direct cause? body reaction? darkness 5 unusual corona symptoms and how to deal with them After going through the pandemic for a long time, people have learned about the obvious symptoms of COVID-19 infection. These include sore throat, […]

Lee Jae-oh’s reaction to the live broadcast of the emergency business meeting chaired by President Yoon Seok-yeol “It’s not even a celebrity show” [뉴스케치]

On the 27th, YTN NewsQ appeared on Lee Jae-oh, a permanent adviser to People’s Power, and Lee Sang-min, a member of the Democratic Party of Korea, and shared their impressions of the vision of an 80-year-old emergency business meeting. minutes that was broadcast live, chaired by the president. First, when asked “Did you see the […]